Explore the Wines of Ole’ Imports

Visit any wine shop or restaurant these days, and you are bound to find a healthy selection of Spanish wines. Look closer, and a great number of these wines are bound to be the selections of Ole’ Imports.

Founded in 1999 by partners Patrick Mata and Alberto Orte with only three wines, the company has been one of the key players in the growth of Spanish wine over the past decade, and today represent over 100 wines from every corner of Spain.

Their goal is to “search the Spanish peninsula for wines that share four fundamental elements: terroir, quality fruit, exceptional winemaking and last but not least, wines that present an exceptional value.”

The value in Ole’s selection is undeniable, while they represent some exclusive top-tier winemakers, the majority of their offerings come in under $15, quite often under $10.

And while it seems that anyone can produce Spanish wine inexpensively, Ole’ brings excellent wine (backed up by excellent ratings) to the table for the price.

Says legendary wine critic Robert Parker of the company, “while none of their wines are household names, readers should seek them out as they represent sensational values from viticultural regions throughout Spain.”

We have been supporting the wines of Ole’ Imports for a decade, and even with the inundation of Spanish wine, they’ll remain one of our go-to companies for years to come.

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