Bogle’s Time to Shine

Bogle Vineyards

Bogle Vineyards, located in the unlikely region of California’s Sacramento Valley, is a great American success story. Patty & Chris Bogle were married in 1973, and took on caring for some small vineyards that Chris and his father had planted, mainly selling the fruit to larger wineries.In 1979 they founded their family-named winery, with the intention of making a small amount of wine commercially under the Bogle banner.Their goal was to produce about 4,000 cases of wine a year, a modest, small-scale aspiration. Fast-forward thirty five years; Bogle is now producing over one million cases a year, and are estimated …
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What’s Your Favorite Scary Wine?

As you walk down Elm Street at dusk, you hear the leaves behind you crunch beneath unknown footsteps. You quickly look back, but no one’s there. You run to the safety of your home, but the feeling that you are not alone still grips you tightly. Checking under the bed, behind the shower curtain and in the basement, you find nothing. You then hear a rustle in the pantry. Upon checking on the sound all you see is a bottle of wine. Grabbing the bottle, you take it to the couch to watch your favorite scary movie! Happy Halloween!