It’s Time To Try The Wines of Benovia Vineyards

We taste a lot of wine around here; I mean sometimes well over a hundred wines in a week. Many, if not most, of those wines happen to come from California, so needless to say, a California wine really has to shine to stand out.

We were first introduced to the wines of Benovia several years ago, and fell in love pretty quickly.  Their Sonoma Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs illustrate a balance and restraint you rarely find in wines from this part of the world. Elegance personified, with just a touch of California boisterousness to make sure you know where they’re from.

Soon after discovering Benovia, the wines fell off the map a bit, and we had trouble locating them. We’re so happy to report that the wines are both back in the store and back in our lives. We had the opportunity to taste the lineup again recently and find it almost hard to believe that the wines have gotten even better!

Founded in 2005 by husband-and-wife Joe Anderson and Mary Dewane, the winery’s name comes from a combination of their fathers’ names, Ben and Novian. Since their founding just a decade ago, they’ve managed to obtain some of the region’s most amazing vineyards. With a fully invested co-owner acting as their winemaker, Benovia has a pretty clear vision of where they want their wines to land in the grand scheme, and despite the winery’s youth, we feel the goal has already been reached.

So, if you’re looking for some lush, graceful, yet completely accessible and sophisticated wines from California, look no further than Benovia!

Benovia Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (750ml): Marketview Liquor
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Benovia Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Benovia Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (750ml)

California • 2014 • 750ml
This almost textbook vintage provided the raw materials to produce a truly outstanding Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Aromas are clearly dominated by bright red fruit tones of Bing cherry and red raspberry, while black fruits dominate on the palette. The bright aromas expand and give way to sour cherry and candied orange peel. On the palate the wine's juicy mouthfeel is supported by centered acidity building with intensity through the mid-palate to the fine grain tannins on the finish. Tannins are beautifully proportioned and provide backbone to the wines sweet middle and delicate earthy finish.
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