Rosé of the Week

What better way to celebrate Rosé season than with a featured Rosé of the Week eligible for 50% off shipping (on 6+ bottles)?

Rosés of the Week:

August 19 two rosesVilla Wolf Pinot Noir Rose

Villa Wolf has focused on the philosophy that great wines are created in the vineyard. Their wine-making team works closely with nature and using sustainable practices that permit the vines to grow in a balanced environment.

The Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose is made with fruit from vineyards farmed expressly for the purpose of producing a true rose. Only perfectly ripe, healthy grapes are selected. Upon harvest the fruit is given a brief maceration (four to six hours) to extract a lovely salmon color from the Pinot Noir grapes. The resulting wine is light and refreshing, with deliciously bright fruit flavors and a clean, zippy finish.

Ostatu Rose

Similar to Villa Wolf, Ostatu’s philosophy is based on respect for the land. They use it to understand wine, life, and to stay focused on the pursuit of excellence through the balance between yesterday and today. And with a family history of producing wine back to the 16th century, things are going quite well.

The Ostatu Rose is created from grapes from the highest vineyard in the district of Samaniego, at an altitude of over 1900 feet above sea level. The grapes are destemmed and macerated the moment they arrive to the winery and ferment for 37 days. With intense aromas of red fruits, a hint of citrus and fine minerality, this wine will be fresh and balanced on the palate.

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Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose Germany • 2018 • 750ml
Price: $8.99
* Eligible for 10% Case Discount
Ostatu Rose Spain • 2018 • 750ml
Price: $13.49