Best Champagne to Celebrate the New Year

Popping champagne bottle

Nothing rings in the New Year like popping open a bottle of Champagne with friends and family. Setting your New Year’s resolution should start with ordering a fine selection of sparkling wine from Marketview Liquor. Together, we can help you prepare a toast for the ultimate celebration with the ones you love. If you’re looking for the best selection of Champagne, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our top list of the best Champagnes for kicking off the new year. Brut Champagne Our Brut Champagne selection includes a number of dry tasting beverages that are low in sugar-doses. The lower the sugar level, …
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Best Christmas Dessert Wines

Delicious Christmas cookies

Some of the best memories from the holiday season are a result of spending time with friends and family around the dessert table. Simple sweets and treats are a great complement to a Christmas feast, but nothing beats a generous glass of dessert wine. These are deep fortified beverages with bold flavors of berries and plums along with earthy aromas. If you never had a dessert wine before, Marketview Liquor is here to help you make the perfect selections for your guests this season. Chardonnay Of course you know of Chardonnay wines, but do you ever think to pour a glass …
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Best Wines for Christmas Dinner

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Christmas dinner is almost ready for serving, and you can bet your guests will want a glass of wine to pair with their dinner. Serving wine with your Christmas meal is more than a suggestion. This is the best way to cleanse the palate and complement other flavors throughout the evening. How will you decide which wines to serve? Marketview Liquor is here to recommend the top must-have Christmas wines for the holiday season. Prosecco Think about what time your guests plan to arrive. If there’s a Christmas brunch on the agenda, you can never go wrong with a Prosecco Italian …
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Best Kosher Wines for Hanukkah

Easter Wine Pairings

With the holiday season approaching, Hanukkah is almost here. Hanukkah is an exciting time for followers of the Jewish faith as communities and families celebrate cultural traditions. The cuisine surrounding the holiday calls for certain restrictions, as Kosher products relate to Jewish dietary law. Fortunately, Kosher wines exist for those hoping to enjoy a glass of wine alongside classic Jewish meals. Check out our list of top wines for Hanukkah. Chardonnay Wine Those who feel that all Kosher wines taste like syrup have not looked far enough. Marketview Liquor carries delicious Kosher Chardonnay to pair with Hanukkah cuisines. Chardonnay wine is abundant with …
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Great Holiday Wine Gifts

Bottle of red wine wrapped as a gift

The winter holidays are some of our favorite times of the year — eating great food, spending time with family and friends and giving and receiving thoughtful gifts are among the highlights. When you’re looking for the right gift for some people on your list, consider a wine gift! You can gift wine in all sorts of different ways, from the tradition of bringing a bottle with you to a party to other more unique ideas. Below are four of the best wine gifts to give this year during the holidays. 1. Their Favorite Bottle If one of your friends …
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