A Wine for Every Season: The Ultimate Pairing Guide

Seasonal Wine Guide: Everything You Should Know If you’re new to the world of wine, trying to find what fits your taste or have been a fan of all things wine for some time, you’ve probably noticed certain wines just seem to taste better at certain times of the year and around specific celebrations. While we believe every season is wine season, certain wines pair better with specific seasons and celebrations. Grape seasons and growing times vary, as do the dishes we eat at various times of the year. While your favorite wines might taste great regardless of what’s happening …
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Guide to Sweet Wine Types


What Kind of Wines Are Sweet? Beginning to tackle the world of wine can sure be a challenge. For one, it seems sommeliers- wine professionals- have it all down, from provenance, to regions and all the notes along the way. Even the pronunciation can be daunting at first. Yes, wine can be something of an acquired taste, but many uninitiated wine palates find its easier to start off with something sweet. Sweet wines don’t come with that bitterness — similar to coffee and hoppy beer — that takes some getting used to. Many people start out drinking sweet wines as …
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What is Moscato? A Guide to Your New Favorite White Wine

What is Moscato - A Guide to Your New Favorite Wine

Moscato has become something of a cultural phenomenon in recent days. Over the past few years, demand for Moscato has been on the rise, with consumers looking for a sweeter, lighter bodied wine with a low alcohol content. With its relatively low price point, delicate notes both fruity and floral and undeniable sweetness, this wine is perfect for new wine enthusiasts, yet can be nuanced enough for a seasoned taster to appreciate. It seems Moscato wine is more than just a passing trend, so if you’re wondering about Moscato wine, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. What is Moscato Wine? …
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What’s in a Name: Wine Names Explained

Wine Names Explained

France, Italy, Spain, the U.S. and Argentina fill out the top five spots for worldwide wine production. Argentina produces 5.38 percent of the world’s wines, while France tops the list at 16.54 percent. We can’t deny wine’s popularity around the world. Yet, few stop to ask “How does wine get its name?” before pouring a glass. Have you stopped to think about the history of the wine you enjoy? Have you ever wondered why ice wine is called ice wine? How about how sherry earned its name? Understanding the Basics About the Types of Wine Names Before delving into the …
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