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About Us

Vintage Liquors Original store sign of Vintage Liquors, opened in 1972 by Mike Palmeri and his brother Dan.

In 1972, my brother Dan and I opened "Vintage Liquors," in Penfield, NY, a Rochester suburb. This small wine and liquor store began as a part-time venture, but a few years later I purchased Dan's share and started working it full-time.  Because of lease issues, I moved the business into a 4,500 sq. foot store in the Henrietta Plaza and renamed it "Marketview Liquor" because of its view of the Tops grocery store. But it was a challenging transition as we had moved away from our established customer base.  After a three-year struggle and an intense advertising campaign, our volume started to grow and we began to "break even."  Soon we needed an outside warehouse, and then an even larger retail location in the plaza.  In 2003 we moved to our present location, which is about 27,000 sq feet and includes storage and warehousing.  Our business has steadily increased and Marketview Liquor has become the most recognized name in the area.  In 2007 we launched our website, and now ship to numerous states across the country.

Store Marketview Liquor's present location. 27.000 sq foot space in the Tops Plazaon Jefferson Road in Henrietta, NY

The success of Marketview Liquor is not only due to the location and advertising, but mainly the dedication and hard work of the wonderful staff that has developed over the years.  Our customers enjoy a wide range of products at competitive prices.  Our Wine Specialists and Customer Service Team are very knowledgeable about the wines and spirits we sell.  We are constantly seeking new products, and are consistently filling special orders.  Marketview Liquor is a family-run business and it is my intention to continue our successful approach, concept, and strategy in the future.

- Mike Palmeri (Owner and Founder)