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Wine and Spirit Seminars

  • Proof of vaccination not required
  • Masks not required
  • All classes will take place in the seminar room at Marketview Liquor
  • Each class holds a maximum of 30 people
  • Reservations are required (for free and paid events)
  • All reservations must be made through the links below

National Chardonnay Day!

You’ve got to love it when the calendar actually tells us what to drink! Chardonnay is truly a winemakers wine. Although it most definitely takes on the flavor of where it is grown (terroir), it can be easily transformed to many different styles depending on the vintner’s whim. The grape originated in Burgundy, France, but is now being grown just about anywhere in the world where vines can grow. In cooler climates, it tends to have more acidity (crispness) and tart fruit flavors. In hotter climates, it develops higher sugar levels (which translates to higher alcohol) and tends towards more tropical fruit flavors. We’ll taste through a diverse selection to celebrate National Chardonnay Day!

Date: Thursday, May 26th

Time: 6-7pm

Cost: $35