Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Spring Wines As the birds start to chirp, and blooms start to appear everywhere, you might wonder where to start in your wine search. Don’t worry. We have you covered! Wines for Spring: Time to Try Something New When you think of spring, what comes to mind? To many, the season represents a time of renewal and new beginnings. Therefore, appropriate spring wines will be light, refreshing and pleasant to sip while enjoying the overall newness of the season. The excitement of warmer weather makes it an excellent time to experiment and try new wines if you’re feeling …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Summer Wines The kids are out of school, and the nights are starting to get longer. It’s a time to celebrate, to kick back and to relax. Now, which wines would pair best with this scenario? A Fun Time of Year: Kicking Back With Summertime Wine Drinks Think hard about summer — the favorite season of many. What comes to mind? To us, summer means long days, with the sun shining later into the evening, higher temperatures, lighter clothes, pool parties, barbeques and reconnecting with friends who became a little more distant through the colder winter months. Sounds …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Fall Wines Not the biggest fan of the heat of summer? That’s okay. Fall is just around the corner. As the leaves begin to change, and you start to settle into your fall routines, you have the perfect opportunity to change your wine cellar selections around a bit. There’s Nothing Better Than Fall Drinks It’s true — few things beat an excellent glass of wine in the fall. Because the season is a time of change and a time to prepare for cooler weather, it’s extremely transitional. You’re likely moving activities from outdoors to indoors while holding onto …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Winter Wines

Chapter 5: Winter Wines The winter season is right around the corner and for many, this means more time spent indoors with the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. To others, it means sampling rich and hearty foods and wines as the holidays and colder weather make their appearances or spending cozy evenings sipping their favorite wine in front of the fireplace. Since wine and winter go together beautifully, it’s no surprise that wine sales are highest during the winter months. Throughout the winter months, you may be the host of holiday get-togethers for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even St. Patrick’s Day. As you focus on …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 6

Winter Holiday Wines

Chapter 6: Winter Holiday Wines As mentioned in Chapter 5, certain holidays deserve their own special attention, especially during winter. In fact, 94% of adults in the United States celebrate at least one winter holiday. As you prepare for upcoming celebrations, pay special attention to the way wine might fit into those celebrations. Winter Holidays Worth Celebrating With Wine Regardless of your religious background, many winter celebrations are hard to pass up on. In fact, New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world and one of the oldest. It was first celebrated in Babylon 4,000 …
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