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Guide to Malbec Wine

While once relatively unknown, malbec wine is now a popular choice that appeals to those seeking an easy-to-drink, full-bodied red wine. A bottle of malbec is an excellent option whether you're new to wine or a knowledgeable enthusiast. Malbec wines...

Guide to Canned Wine

While you most likely associate wine with glass bottles and corks, an increasingly popular trend both traditional and new wineries are adding to their lineups is canned wine. Canned wine offers several conveniences like increased portability, ease of access — no corkscrew...

Guide to Vegan Wine

Many people are left scratching their heads when they see the term "vegan wine." After all, wine is made from grapes. So why isn't all wine vegan? The answer to this question lies in the technicalities of how wine is produced...