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14 Best Chilean Wines

14 Best Chilean Wines

Curious to explore the finest expressions of Chilean winemaking? Join us as we journey through Chile’s vineyards to uncover the 14 best Chilean wines. With an ever-growing market projected to expand by 6.50% between 2023-2027 and reach a market volume of about $5.33 billion in 2027, Chile is cementing its status as a prominent player in the global wine scene. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the best Chilean wines or sought a comprehensive list of Chilean wines to savor, our reliable expertise will guide you in discovering the premier taste of Chilean viticulture. Discover why Chilean wines captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Types of Chilean Wine

Chilean wines stand out for their exceptional quality and diverse range of offerings. Whether you’re seeking the best red wine from Chile or the finest Chilean white wines, explore the different types of Chilean wines to help you navigate the rich tapestry of tastes and discover the perfect wine to suit your palate.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme as Chile’s flagship wine. Grown in renowned regions like Maipo Valley and Colchagua Valley, these wines showcase a robust taste of black currants, blackberries, and subtle herbal notes. With their firm structure, exceptional balance, and aging potential, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon ranks among the world’s finest.

Sauvignon Blanc

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc dazzles with its vibrant acidity and refreshing character. Sourced from cool-climate regions like Casablanca and Leyda Valleys, these white wines exhibit invigorating tropical fruit notes, zesty citrus notes, and a crisp, clean finish. They are perfect for warm summer days or paired with fresh seafood.

Sauvignon Blanc


Chilean Chardonnay offers a range of styles, from unoaked and vibrant to richly oaked and buttery. Hailing from regions such as Casablanca Valley and Limarí Valley, these wines reveal tropical fruit nuances, elegant citrus undertones and an impressive complexity that showcases Chile’s winemaking finesse.


Chilean Syrah, also known as Shiraz, delivers captivating red wines with intense dark berries, black pepper, and spice. Grown in regions like Colchagua Valley and Elqui Valley, these wines offer a velvety texture, well-integrated tannins, and a memorable, long-lasting finish.


Carménère holds a special place in Chile’s winemaking heritage. Renowned for its unique profile, this grape produces medium to full-bodied red wines with a pronounced dark fruit taste, hints of green pepper, and a smooth, refined texture. Look to regions like Colchagua Valley and Rapel Valley for outstanding Carménère expressions.

Pinot Noir

Chilean Pinot Noir offers a delightful alternative for lovers of elegant and nuanced red wines. Thriving in cool-climate regions like Casablanca Valley and Bio-Bio Valley, these wines exhibit an enticing red berry taste, delicate floral notes, and a touch of earthiness. From lighter and approachable styles to more complex and structured examples, Chilean Pinot Noir always impresses.

Cabernet Franc

While Cabernet Sauvignon often takes the spotlight, Chilean Cabernet Franc deserves recognition. Grown in regions like Maule Valley and Colchagua Valley, these medium-bodied red wines showcase an alluring red berry taste, subtle herbal nuances, and a touch of spice. Chilean Cabernet Franc offers a delightful alternative for those seeking a wine with finesse and character.


Chilean Merlot charms with its smoothness and approachability. From regions like Maipo Valley and Rapel Valley, these wines entice with notes of ripe plums, cherries, and subtle herbal hints. With a balanced structure, soft tannins, and a versatile nature, Chilean Merlot is an excellent choice for everyday enjoyment.



Delve into Chile’s vinicultural roots with País, an indigenous grape variety with a fascinating history. While traditionally used for simple, everyday wines, País has experienced a resurgence, resulting in more refined expressions. These wines offer light-bodied reds with bright red fruit notes, lively acidity, and a rustic charm that speaks to Chile’s winemaking traditions.


While Argentina is famous for Malbec, Chile has also produced noteworthy examples of this grape. Chilean Malbec offers a ripe dark fruit taste, floral aromas, and a velvety texture. Explore the offerings from regions like Maule Valley and Colchagua Valley to experience the unique expression of Malbec in Chile.

To sum it all up, Chilean wines encompass a wide range of varieties and styles, each bearing the mark of Chile’s unique terroir and winemaking expertise. Whether you’re drawn to powerful reds, vibrant whites, or exploring indigenous grape varieties, Chile has something extraordinary to offer. 

Most Popular Wine in Chile

When exploring the realm of Chilean wines, it is impossible to overlook the country’s most popular and commonly made wine — the Cabernet Sauvignon. This renowned wine holds a special place in the hearts of wine enthusiasts and is a true emblem of Chilean viticulture. This noble grape variety has flourished in Chile’s diverse terroirs, showcasing its remarkable potential and earning its place as a symbol of Chilean winemaking excellence.

Chile’s favorable climate and exceptional growing conditions, particularly in regions such as Maipo Valley and Colchagua Valley, have provided ideal circumstances for cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These regions have mastered the art of harnessing the grape’s rich taste and distinct characteristics.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon wines boast bold and concentrated notes of black currants, blackberries, and hints of herbs. They are characterized by their remarkable structure, balanced acidity, and smooth tannins. These wines often exhibit a remarkable aging potential, evolving gracefully over time to reveal additional layers of complexity.

When exploring Chilean wine, a journey that includes a selection of the best wines from Chile would only be complete with savoring the magnificence of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Its unparalleled reputation and consistently exceptional quality make it a must-try for wine enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of Chilean viniculture.

What Makes Chilean Wine So Good?

Delving into the secret behind Chilean wine’s excellence reveals a combination of factors that make it truly exceptional. This section explores what sets Chilean wine apart, from its meticulous winemaking techniques to the unique taste that tantalizes the palate.

Craftsmanship and Terroir

One of the primary reasons for the greatness of Chilean wine lies in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its production. Chilean winemakers embrace a commitment to quality, employing traditional and modern winemaking techniques that showcase the best attributes of each grape variety. With a focus on sustainable practices and respect for the land, Chilean winemakers preserve the natural integrity of the grapes, resulting in wines of exceptional purity.

Another contributing factor is Chile’s diverse terroir, which provides various microclimates and soil compositions. This allows for cultivating numerous grape varieties, each expressing unique characteristics. Chile’s terroir imparts a distinct taste, from the coastal regions cooled by Pacific breezes to the high-altitude vineyards nestled in the Andes Mountains, ensuring a vibrant and diverse wine scene.

Flavor Profile

Chilean wine delights the senses with its unique flavor profile. Red wine from Chile exhibits a perfect balance of fruitiness, structure, and elegance. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile’s flagship red grape variety, offers rich notes of black currants and blackberries, supported by well-integrated tannins and a touch of herbal complexity. Other red varieties like Carmenère and Syrah showcase their own unique attributes, providing velvety textures and captivating spice notes.

Chilean white wines, including the best Chilean white wines, offer refreshing alternatives that excite the palate. Sauvignon Blanc displays vibrant acidity, tropical fruit notes, and zesty citrus undertones, while Chardonnay exhibits a spectrum of styles, from crisp and unoaked to rich and buttery, with elegant fruit nuances.

Flavor Profile

The consistent sunshine and cooling influences from the Pacific Ocean contribute to Chilean wines’ excellent ripening conditions, enhancing the grapes’ flavor concentration and allowing for optimal phenolic development.

Chilean wine’s remarkable quality can be attributed to a combination of factors that make it truly exceptional. From the dedication of skilled winemakers to the diverse terroir that shapes each wine’s character, Chilean wines consistently rank among the world’s finest. 

14 Chilean Wines You Should Try

If you’re a wine enthusiast eager to explore Chile’s finest offerings, we present a curated selection of the best red and white wines that this remarkable wine-growing country has to offer. With a commitment to quality and an abundance of diverse terroirs, Chile has become renowned for producing exceptional wines that captivate the senses. 

From robust and flavorful reds to crisp and refreshing whites, these Chilean wines are an invitation to indulge in the richness and diversity of Chilean viticulture. So, get your wine glasses ready, and let’s explore the best red and white wines from Chile. 

Best Red Wines From Chile

When it comes to exceptional red wines, Chile stands out as a powerhouse in the wine world. With a wide range of grape varietals and distinct terroirs, Chilean red wines offer a captivating array of tastes and aromas. Each wine tells a unique story, from bold Cabernet Sauvignon to elegant Pinot Noir. Explore the diverse world of red wines from Chile and discover the perfect bottle to suit your taste preferences: 

  1. Santa Rita 120 Merlot: This Chilean Merlot showcases a beautiful balance of ripe red fruit notes, soft tannins, and a velvety texture. It’s an approachable and versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes.
  2. Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine boasts an intense taste of fresh olives, currants, and gooseberry leaves. It has an elegant structure and a long, satisfying finish. The Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon is a testament to Chile’s ability to produce world-class varieties of this wine.
  3. Veramonte Reserva Carmenere: Carmenere is Chile’s signature grape and this wine showcases its full potential. With rich plum and blackberry notes, velvety tannins, and a touch of spice, it exemplifies the unique character of Chilean Carmenere.
  4. Pedro Parra Vinista: This Pais wine is crafted by renowned soil expert Pedro Parra, who focuses on terroir-driven winemaking. The Vinista offers a complex blend of red fruit, earthy notes, and well-integrated tannins, reflecting the distinct characteristics of its vineyard site.
  5. Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Merlot: A premium Merlot from the iconic Lapostolle winery, this wine displays ripe black cherry and plum notes, along with hints of olives. The Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Merlot is a luxurious and well-crafted wine that showcases the elegance of Chilean Merlot.
  6. Tarapaca Gran Reserva Etiqueta Azul Red Blend: This red blend combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc as well as Malbec to create a wine with layers of dark fruit, spice, and a touch of oak. It’s a bold and expressive wine that exemplifies the artistry of Chilean winemaking.
  7. Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon: Considered one of Chile’s most prestigious wines, Don Melchor is a benchmark for excellence. This Cabernet Sauvignon offers an exquisite blackcurrant taste, refined tannins, and a long, persistent finish. It’s a wine that truly represents the best of Chilean winemaking.

Best White Wines From Chile

Chilean white wine is renowned for its vibrant taste and refreshing qualities, offering a delightful drinking experience. From crisp Sauvignon Blanc to elegant Chardonnay, Chilean whites showcase the country’s diverse terroirs and winemaking expertise. Discover the top white wines from Chile that deserve a place on your wine list: 

  1. Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay: A crowd-pleasing Chardonnay with notes of ripe tropical fruits, citrus notes, and a hint of vanilla. It’s a refreshing and versatile white wine that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with seafood and poultry dishes.
  2. Cono Sur Chardonnay: Known for their commitment to sustainable practices, Cono Sur produces this vibrant Chardonnay with notes of apple, pear, and a touch of oak. It’s a well-balanced wine with a crisp acidity that pairs well with a variety of dishes.
  3. Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc: This Sauvignon Blanc showcases zesty citrus aromas, a tropical fruit taste, and a vibrant acidity. It’s a refreshing and lively white wine that is perfect for warm weather or as an aperitif.
  4. Concha Y Toro Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay: A popular choice among Chardonnay lovers, this wine offers the taste of ripe pineapple, peach, and vanilla. Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay is a smooth and creamy wine with a touch of oak that pairs well with creamy pasta dishes or roasted chicken.
  5. Concha Y Toro Frontera Sauvignon Blanc: With its bright citrus taste, herbaceous undertones, and crisp acidity, Concha Y Toro’s Sauvignon Blanc is a delightful choice for those seeking a refreshing white wine. It’s a great value wine that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with salads and seafood.
  6. Los Vascos Chardonnay: This Chardonnay from Los Vascos exhibits notes of ripe pear, tropical fruits, and subtle vanilla notes. It strikes a nice balance between richness and freshness, making it a versatile wine for various occasions.
  7. Veramonte Reserva Sauvignon Blanc: With its vibrant aromas of grapefruit, lime, and tropical fruits, Veramonte’s Sauvignon Blanc captures the essence of Chilean white wines. It’s crisp and lively and pairs wonderfully with seafood and light salads.

Whether you prefer the robust allure of red wines or the refreshing elegance of whites, these Chilean wines are a testament to the exceptional winemaking tradition in Chile. Embark on a journey and savor the unique taste, distinct characteristics, and undeniable quality that have made Chilean wines a true delight for wine enthusiasts worldwide. 

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The wines of Chile offer an incredible array of tastes, styles, and grape varieties that are sure to captivate wine enthusiasts. From the 14 best Chilean wines to the diverse selection available, exploring Chilean wine is a journey worth embarking upon. With their meticulous craftsmanship, diverse terroir, and exceptional flavor profiles, Chilean wines have rightfully earned their place among the finest in the world.

To experience the excellence of Chilean wine firsthand, we encourage you to explore the extensive selection of Chilean wines available at Marketview Liquor. With our vast range of offerings, you can conveniently order your favorite Chilean wines and discover new treasures. Indulge in the richness and complexity of Chilean wines and let them transport you to the heart of South American viniculture. Cheers to the delights of Chilean wine!

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