Errazuriz Vineyards – New World made in Old World Style

errazurizWhen speaking of Old World and New World wine regions, the country of Chile almost always falls into the New World Category; though it might be difficult to explain that to the Errazuriz family, who have been making wine under the Errazuriz name for over 130 years! Don Maximiano Errazuriz founded the winery in 1870 a bit north of the city of Santiago, realizing early on the grape growing potential of the region.  Today, the company is owner and run by his descendant Eduordao Chadwick, the fifth generation of the family to be operating Errazuriz. Like any winery that been operating for so long, Errazuriz’s history has some ups and downs.  In the mid 1990’s the winery entered a partnership with California’s iconic Robert Mondavi Winery.  The venture was unfortunately not entirely successful, and it weakened Errazuriz’s image for some years after they ended the affiliation. In the years since, Erraruziz has been on a zealous mission to reclaim their reputation as one of the, if not the, best wineries in Chile! They’ve modernized their winemaking techniques, established new grape-growing regions throughout the country, and sharpened their vision of putting Chile on the map as a world-class wine producing country. Marketview Liquor has supported the wines of Errazuriz for years, and we’ve recently grown our selection as they’ve grown their stellar “Max Reserva” line. Immerse yourself in some of the greatest wine South America has to offer!