Wine 101 – Getting to Know 10 Classic Wines – Lesson Six

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Course Syllabus

WINE101: Getting to know 10 classic styles/regions of wine

Fall 2014: September 1 – September 12, 2014

Section 1: Monday – Friday (September 1 – September 5)

In-Store Tasting Thursday, September 4th: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

A tasting of the first 5 wines from Section 1

Section 2: Monday – Friday (September 8 – September 12)

In-Store Tasting Thursday, September 11th: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

A tasting of the last 5 wines from Section 2

Course Code & No. – Section: WINE101 – Section 1 & Section 2

 Course Title: Getting to know 10 classic styles/regions of wine

 Course Ref. No.: W101

 Instructor: Mike Martin

 Phone: 888-427-2480


 Office: 1100 Jefferson Rd. Rochester, NY 14623

 Office Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00 pm

 Prerequisites: Interest in wine

 Course Description:

This section is in part and in conjunction with the Wine 100 level courses. In this particular section (101) we delve into 10 traditionally produced wines from 10 classic regions. Regions include: Nemea, Greece. Loire Valley, France. Burgundy, France. Bordeaux, France. Rhone, France. Mosel, Germany. Tuscany, Italy. Rioja, Spain. Sonoma County, California. Finger Lakes, New York. Coursework will include a variety of readings about the wines and their given regions. Also opening and consuming of the wines so that the contents can be studied, as well as understood in order to provide the key concepts of these traditional wine regions.

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Lesson Six

The first wine in Section 2 of our Wine 101 is Max Ferd Richter Mulheimer Sonnenlay Riesling. This wine comes from Germany, which has ties to wine making that dates back 2,000 year ago. Within Germany this comes from the Mosel region, the oldest of Germany’s wine regions. Mosel is the third greatest in terms of production and is arguably the most well known region of Germany. In more detail this wine comes from Mulheimer which is a city located in the Ruhr Area. Narrowing it down even further Sonnenlay is the single vineyard this wine hails from,”Sonne (sunshine) and lay (slate stone) –perfectly describes the characteristics of the site.” ( As far as the estate of Max Ferdinand Ricther it “has been owned by the Richter family for more than 300 years. The possession of these vineyards dates back to 1813 when their ancestor, in an extreme demonstration of personal courage, succeeded in preventing the sacking of Mülheim by Napoleon. They produce a wide variety of wines from estate-grown grapes that reflect the individual style of each single vineyard. The terroir of their steep vineyard sites is generally fresh weathering grey slate with different compositions of ferruginous (Brauneberg), mineral quartz (Veldenz), or clay soils (Graach, Erden, Wehlen, Mülheim), which determine character and flavour. Today this enterprise, owned and run by winemaker Dirk Richter, is one of the leading producers of top Rieslings in the heart of the central Mosel area with total holdings of 43 acres and an annual production of about 10,500 cases.” (

Historically this wine was served in the luxurious restaurant of the airship Graf Zeppelin. A very lively,refreshing Riesling with an abundance of fresh apples, citrus, pear, spices and floral notes that all conclude with a long lasting finish. This bottle works great just to sip as a aperitif or paired with light dishes such as poultry or seafood.

Max Ferd Richter Mulheimer Sonnenlay Riesling – $11.99 a bottle

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