Congratulations Wine Gifts

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A new baby. An engagement or a wedding. A loved one landing that dream job or buying their first home. There are many small and large moments to celebrate in life, and a wine congratulations gift is a wonderful way to celebrate with loved ones both near and far away.

Marketview Liquor has a wide selection of white, red, sparkling and other wines from different regions to help you put together the perfect congratulations wine gifts. You can choose different grapes or the vintage you want to create a custom gift or congratulations wine gift box.

Choosing Congratulations Wine

Choosing a congratulations champagne gift or wine begins with deciding what’s appropriate. A bottle of champagne is a traditional option. This type of wine is a champagne only when it’s grown in the Champagne region of France. To be true champagne, only Champagne grapes (pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier) can be used, and producers must follow a specific way of making the champagne.

Champagne is bubbly and light as well as dry. It’s an especially good choice for new boats and houses. Traditionally, bottles of champagne have been broken to launch a new boat. Champagne is also associated with celebrating weddings, engagements and other big events.

You’ll have different choices when you decide to send congratulations champagne. Champagne Blanc de Blancs is a delicate taste and is made from white cépage (Chardonnay) grapes. Champagne Brut is dry and makes for a good choice for meals. Champagne-Demi Sec is not as dry and is ideal when paired with a dessert. Champagne Rosé has a pink shade and is pleasant even for some who do not like the drier varieties.

There are many ways to send congratulations champagne. You can simply present a beautiful bottle or put together a congratulations champagne gift basket with a card, champagne flutes and an ice bucket.

Other Congratulations Wine Choices

While a congratulations champagne bottle is a traditional way to celebrate, it’s certainly not the only way to commemorate a big event. If the person you’re buying for prefers white or red, you can explore other options. Cabernet Sauvignon is a very drinkable red wine that pairs with many meals and is a classic choice. There’s nothing better than celebrating a new home or a new job than a classic red, which can be enjoyed over a celebration dinner.

You might also want to choose a wine based on what’s being celebrated. If you’re congratulating someone on a marriage, consider getting a wine from the area their wife or husband comes from. If a friend is moving to California, why not give them a taste of their new home with a bottle of California wine?

Or, purchase a vintage from this year so that they have a memory of the year their life changed. For example, if a friend is having a baby, you can buy a case from the year the baby is born. The parents can keep the bottles so they have a vintage as old as the new addition to the family. If you go this route, choose something like a Bordeaux, which will age well.

You can also put together congratulations wine gift baskets that show you care. Celebrate a new job with a name plate and a bottle of wine or a wedding with a good wine and a wedding gift.

In case you need more help choosing a bottle, we’ve put together our next picks for congratulations gifts:

  • Henriot Souverain Brut Champagne: This wine is the perfect congratulations champagne with a complex combination of aromas such as fresh-cut flowers, sweet fruits and spice. Pop a bottle of Henriot Souverain Brut Champagne to say congratulations on the purchase of a home, the birth of child, a new job and more.
  • Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio: California is now famous for full-flavored and complex red and white wines, including this Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio. Buy this congratulations wine to celebrate a move to California, or elsewhere, and pair the aromas of citrus, melon and pair with whatever food you wish.
  • Snoqualmie Syrah: Whether you call it Syrah or Shiraz, this very dry red wine has a unique flavor, making it perfect for a true wine-lover. Snoqualmie Syrah has rich flavors of black fruits plus notes of chocolate and smoke. Pair it with red meat for a whole congratulations meal.

Shop our wine congratulations gifts today to celebrate with loved ones.

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