Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Winter Holiday Wines As mentioned in Chapter 5, certain holidays deserve their own special attention, especially during winter. In fact, 94% of adults in the United States celebrate at least one winter holiday. As you prepare for upcoming celebrations, pay special attention to the way wine might fit into those celebrations. Winter Holidays Worth Celebrating With Wine Regardless of your religious background, many winter celebrations are hard to pass up on. In fact, New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world and one of the oldest. It was first celebrated in Babylon 4,000 …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Birthdays and Special Occasion Wines/Conclusion Sometimes you just need a reason to celebrate. In this chapter, you’ll find extra holidays you may have never considered in the past, along with perfect ways to celebrate. Stock up and have fun — you deserve it. Special Wine Holidays: Birthday Wines, Mulled Wine Day and More You probably have a better idea of which wines go best with specific seasons and holidays, but what about other days of the year that could be a little extra special? To get started, check out the “wine holidays” below for a little extra fun …
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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to download our guide, A Wine for Every Season: The Ultimate Pairing Guide. If you have ever felt shopping for wine was intimidating and less than enjoyable, we can help! We believe wine provides an excellent way to relax, unwind and connect with those around us. As such, finding the right wine should be fun, not a hassle. Part of making the process more enjoyable is learning more about what makes specific wines right for specific seasons and special events. A little education can go a long way. That’s exactly what we’ve set out …
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Guide to Sweet Wine Types


What Kind of Wines Are Sweet? Beginning to tackle the world of wine can sure be a challenge. For one, it seems sommeliers- wine professionals- have it all down, from provenance, to regions and all the notes along the way. Even the pronunciation can be daunting at first. Yes, wine can be something of an acquired taste, but many uninitiated wine palates find its easier to start off with something sweet. Sweet wines don’t come with that bitterness — similar to coffee and hoppy beer — that takes some getting used to. Many people start out drinking sweet wines as …
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“Wine Time With Mike and Holly – FALESCO VITIANO ROSSO 2014”

Deep ruby-red in color, aromas of plums and black fruits are complemented by undertones of black cherry jam, licorice, and tobacco leaves. On the palate, smooth tannins and acidity balance this wine to make a food-friendly red wine.