Wine Time with Mike & Holly – Monteti Toscana

In this episode Mike and Holly taste and discuss a 94 point wine from Italy’s Tuscany region. A blend of three different varietals, this wine is considered a Super Tuscan. Monteti is a fantastic wine on its own, but will also pair well with many foods. Supplies are limited and this wine will sell out fast. Enjoy.

Explore the Wines of Piedmont

If the northern Italian region of Piedmont were a person, you would be jealous of them. With its stunning scenery, hedonistic cuisine, and a more venerated wine region than even one entire country deserves, Piedmont has an embarrassment of hedonistic treasures that are celebrated the world over. The two most celebrated wines of the region are the Nebbiolo-based Barbaresco and Barolo, these elegant and muscular reds are revered and collected by wine aficionados.While rightfully esteemed, these two wines tend to steal the spotlight from the numerous other incredible wines coming out of Piedmont. Lets put Barbaresco and Barolo aside for …
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