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2012 Oregon Pinot Noir – One of their Greatest Vintages to Date

Much of the greatest wine in the world is made in some of the most marginal of conditions. There is a belief that grape vines need to struggle a bit in order to grow grapes that produce world-class wine. The regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and even our own oregon_pnFinger Lakes are great examples of regions where the climate conditions can vary greatly vintage to vintage, but there is always the potential to make incredible wine with the character of that particular year.

Oregon is another great example; the generally rainy and cool conditions in the State’s Willamette Valley produce vintages varying greatly year to year both stylistically, and quality-wise. While poorer, somewhat rained-out vintages do happen every several years, the good news is that our shelves are currently full of wines from 2012, one of the greatest vintages in Oregon’s history. The region experienced long stretches or warm, dry weather throughout the summer, bringing grapes to optimal ripeness, and resulting in balanced, elegant wines.

If you haven’t tasted much Oregon Pinot Noir in the past, and are looking for a place to start, these wines from the 2012 vintage will be an absolutely amazing introduction to the stunning, world class wines they are capable of making!