Pinot Noir from Germany at a Value Price

Glass of Pinot Noir with view of vineyards at sunset

The warm weather is finally here, prime time for crisp white and subtle, elegant red wines. And there may be no better red for the season than Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir has been nicknamed “the heartbreak grape” due to it being so difficult to grow well and causing great disappointment with grape growers and winemakers. The problem with the grape is that it favors climates that are generally cool, but that have a degree of warmth, too. This narrows the global places where this grape can grow and thrive. Fortunately for German winemakers, Pinot Noir loves Germany. In fact, behind …
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2012 Oregon Pinot Noir – One of their Greatest Vintages to Date

Much of the greatest wine in the world is made in some of the most marginal of conditions. There is a belief that grape vines need to struggle a bit in order to grow grapes that produce world-class wine. The regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and even our own Finger Lakes are great examples of regions where the climate conditions can vary greatly vintage to vintage, but there is always the potential to make incredible wine with the character of that particular year. Oregon is another great example; the generally rainy and cool conditions in the State’s Willamette Valley produce vintages varying …
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Drink Along with Mike – Must Taste Pinot Noir

Another episode, another great wine! Try this fabulous 90 point red blend from Portugal. Our Portuguese wine department continues to grow and after you a taste a few, you’ll find out why. Maybe the best “bang for your buck” region in the world right now.