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Pinot Noir from Germany at a Value Price

Glass of Pinot Noir with view of vineyards at sunset

The warm weather is finally here, prime time for crisp white and subtle, elegant red wines. And there may be no better red for the season than Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir has been nicknamed “the heartbreak grape” due to it being so difficult to grow well and causing great disappointment with grape growers and winemakers. The problem with the grape is that it favors climates that are generally cool, but that have a degree of warmth, too. This narrows the global places where this grape can grow and thrive. Fortunately for German winemakers, Pinot Noir loves Germany. In fact, behind the United States and France, Germany has become a Pinot Noir capital.

Delightful Wine at a Sour Price

I’d say for wine drinkers, the heartbreak often comes with Pinot Noir’s price! Great value Pinot Noir is almost an anomaly, with the greatest wines coming from famed part’s of France’s Burgundy regionOregon’s Willamette Valley, and up and coming, cooler regions in California. None of these areas are known for great bang-for-your-buck wines.

For Pinot Noir lovers on a budget, it seems like a make-or-break proposition. But do you really need to break the bank to get the Pinot Noir you want? Not if you know the insider secrets!

Germany, the Affordable Pinot Noir Hotspot

So where should you look when looking for really beautiful Pinot Noir under $15? How about Germany!  You probably associate Germany solely with white wine, particularly Riesling, but the country has a long history with lighter-bodied red wins such as Lemberger, St. Laurent, and yes, Pinot Noir. Often referred to asSpatburgunder in Germany, the Pinot Noir grape produces refined, graceful, gorgeous wines in this cool, northern European climate.

Not only can you snag a bottle of German Pinot Noir at a great rate, but you can feel great knowing that you don’t have to compromise on flavor. Germany’s Pinot Noir options continue to win accolades from testers around the world. In fact, many German Pinot Noirs come from importers who have made stellar names for themselves in the winemaking industry.

David Bowler Wines, one of our favorite wine importers, has a selection chock full of legendary Burgundies, and even they were looking for some amazing Pinot Noir that a wine drinker could afford to drink on a regular basis. Enter Hammond and Borell-Diehl, two Germany producers making some of the best Pinot Noir for the money that we’ve recently tasted from anywhere in the world. Other German Pinot Noir choices are popping up year after year, so be bold and select from inspiring — and economically priced — varieties.

Remember that at Marketview Liquor, you can sort your favorite Pinot Noirs by price and then order accordingly. Our site offers free shipping on orders of six or more bottles of most wines, including the famously price-friendly German Pinot Noir varieties.

Two excellent Pinot Noirs that fully express why Pinot Noir is considered by many the greatest red in the world!