Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Birthdays and Special Occasion Wines/Conclusion

Sometimes you just need a reason to celebrate. In this chapter, you’ll find extra holidays you may have never considered in the past, along with perfect ways to celebrate.

Stock up and have fun — you deserve it.

Special Wine Holidays: Birthday Wines, Mulled Wine Day and More

You probably have a better idea of which wines go best with specific seasons and holidays, but what about other days of the year that could be a little extra special? To get started, check out the “wine holidays” below for a little extra fun throughout the year:

  • National Drink Wine Day: February 18 — Find your favorite and enjoy.
  • National Mulled Wine Day: April 17 — Get your spices ready and pull out the crock pot. Better yet, invite a few friends over.
  • World Malbec Day: April 17 — Stock up on Malbec.
  • National Winery Tourism Day: May 11 — Visit a winery. Local can be fun!
  • National Wine Day: May 25 — No need to discriminate. Find a few bottles to enjoy with friends.
  • National Sauvignon Blanc Day: June 21 — A day for crisp whites.
  • National Champagne Day: August 4 — Don’t wait for the new year for some bubbly.
  • National Pinot Noir Day: August 18 — Time to start thinking of fall.
  • National Zinfandel Day: November 19 — White Zinfandel is fun, but trying something a bit fuller is worth the experience.

Many holidays are focused on food, beer or mixed drinks. But, there’s nothing better than a great “happy birthday” wine. Consider bringing a bottle or two to the following occasions — remembering the seasonal recommendations provided in earlier chapters.

Super Bowl Sunday. The big game could use a few game changers. Why not open up a bottle or two alongside the traditional drinks? Beer isn’t your only option — 20% of adults prefer wine for this epic yearly event.

  • Birthdays. Birthdays are more fun when they’re wine birthday parties. Find out the favorite of the birthday girl or guy, and stock up!
  • Date nights. With a little education, including that found in earlier chapters of this guide, you can find the perfect selection for a BYOB dining location.
  • Movie nights. Staying in for a movie or Netflix binge? Why not add a bottle or two of an appropriate seasonal wine?
  • St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys green beer. Add a little sophistication this year with a new favorite. Feeling inclined? You could still dye it green.

Remember, any time is a good time for wine. Make celebrations a little extra special with the right bottle to accompany them.

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Serving Wine the Right Way: Presentation Matters

Once you settle on the wine you’ll be serving for one of the special occasions listed above, a holiday or any other reason, proper overview is important — and fun. While preparing to serve wine, you’ll want to consider glassware choices, temperature and overall presentation.

When you’re enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, you may have a go-to wine glass you enjoy. That’s absolutely fine. However, learning about various glass types and investing in glasses that fit the wine varieties you enjoy most frequently — especially with guests — may be worth your while. Specific wine glasses are designed to provide the best possible tasting experience based on size, shape and other characteristics.

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As a basic overview:

  • Start with a stem. Stemless wine glasses are fun and attractive, but they put your hand — and its warmth — closer to the wine, which changes the temperature. Stems are functional and fun — who doesn’t love a good swirl of a glass from time to time?
  • Invest in flutes. Champagne and sparkling wine flutes make the experience of drinking these special drinks fun. They also limit sip size, minimizing the amount of carbonation the drinker encounters while drawing out drink time. They’re perfect sipping companions.
  • Keep a universal set on hand. A medium opening with a large pour size ensures you and your guests will enjoy their wine, no matter what you have on hand.
  • For red wines: Look for larger glasses. Because red wine is served at a higher temperature, maintenance is not a concern. This means taking a longer time to drink the wine is perfectly acceptable.
  • For white wines: Go for smaller. Smaller glasses that allow the wine to hold its temperature until the end are preferred.
  • Look at the color of the glasses. Clear glasses enhance the wine tasting experience, since wine color is part of what increases appreciation.
  • Opt for dishwasher safe glasses. For your own sanity, look for glasses that are dishwasher safe. After a special event, washing dishes is the last task you’ll want to undertake.

Most importantly, when shopping for glasses, pick something that is visually appealing and that you’ll like using regularly. Enjoying your wine should be a top priority, regardless of the occasion or special event.

After you’ve settled on what you’ll serve the wine in, consider the temperature. As a basic rule of thumb, most wines are best stored at a cool temperature, around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may have heard that whites should be cold, and reds should be warm, but it’s easy to get carried away. If a red wine is enjoyed at a temperature that’s too warm, it can lose some of its fullness, becoming “flabby.” If a white is too cold, it could lose its flavor.

Each variety has its own ideal temperature, but as a general guideline, white wines should be served somewhere between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 degrees (storage temperature). Reds should be served between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees (room temperature).

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Once you’ve found your perfect glassware and have planned accordingly for serving temperature, have some fun. Think about where you’ll be able to serve wine from a convenience standpoint, along with how you’d like to arrange the serving space. Don’t stress, though — your guests will have fun no matter what.

It’s Time to Enjoy Your Seasonal Wine

Worrying about how to select the perfect wine should now be a thing of the past. Whether you purchase a wedding present, bring a hostess gift to a party or have a get-together in your home, you now know the difference between a deep, hearty red wine and a light, floral white wine. Most importantly, you know what wine to give or serve based on the season. You can do it!

We trust that by taking the time to read this guide, you’ve become more confident in your ability to select the perfect wine for the season or the next special event in your life. Forget the days of wandering through the wine store looking for something that “pops” out at you or worrying about whether others will enjoy your selection.

Remember, wine tastes are personal. But by paying attention to certain cues and learning more about different varieties and subtleties relating to wine, you can be sure your next selection will be a hit.

A Wine For Every Occasion

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