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Best Christmas Dessert Wines

Delicious Christmas cookies

Some of the best memories from the holiday season are a result of spending time with friends and family around the dessert table. Simple sweets and treats are a great complement to a Christmas feast, but nothing beats a generous glass of dessert wine. These are deep fortified beverages with bold flavors of berries and plums along with earthy aromas.

If you never had a dessert wine before, Marketview Liquor is here to help you make the perfect selections for your guests this season.


Of course you know of Chardonnay wines, but do you ever think to pour a glass with dessert? Chardonnay pairs well with Christmas desserts with or without the process of oak aging. The white wine provides a taste of grapes, apples and tropical fruits — an excellent pairing for sweets.

If your guests enjoy rice pudding or fruit cobblers, Chardonnay will accompany the aroma of vanilla and nut-based crusts. We recommend the Sycamore Lane Chardonnay thanks to its round texture and crisp acidity.


Madeira wines are fortified and offer the taste of peaches, oranges, caramel and hazelnut depending on preference. The wine is available in both dry and sweet varieties, but it’s commonly identified as a dessert wine for its citrus flavor.

Try pairing a bottle of Madeira wine with rich chocolate desserts such as cake, mousse and puddings. Blandy’s Rainwater Madeira is an ideal choice for pear, apricot and apple combinations.


Port wines are created by adding alcohol at a specific point in the fermenting process. Originating in Portugal, these wines are essential for Christmas desserts with clear aromas of raspberries, blackberries, caramel, cinnamon and chocolate.

Regardless of how many desserts are at the table, ports pair well with cakes, cookies, fudge, nuts and graham crackers. In other words, a Port wine ensures your guests can try anything at the dessert table. Consider the Montevina Terra D’oro Zinfandel Port consisting of dark chocolate and blackberry.


Sauternes wines are French and derived from the Graves region of Bordeaux. These wines are full of sweet and acidic aromas, as aged grapes are involved in the creation of each product.

When you order a bottle of Sauternes wine, you can expect sensations of apricot, butterscotch, coconut, mango and tropical fruit, which make this dessert wine a desirable one. When it comes to pairing a bottle of Sauternes, Christmas sides such as ice cream, tarts, cheesecake and fruit-based desserts are splendid options.

Ordering a bottle of Chateau Coutet Sauternes-Barzac from our online store will deliver pineapple, honey and apricot aromas to your dessert table this holiday season.


Moscato wines pair well with Christmas pastries and desserts. This family of wine is sweet in nature and should be served cold for the best results. With hints of fruit and citrus, a bottle of Moscato will be a hit at any holiday gathering.

The popular Barefoot Cellars Red Moscato presents a cherry and raspberry taste for desserts with crumbs and outer crusts.

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