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Best Wines for Christmas Dinner

Best Wines for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is almost ready for serving, and you can bet your guests will want a glass of wine to pair with their dinner. Serving wine with your Christmas meal is more than a suggestion. This is the best way to cleanse the palate and complement other flavors throughout the evening.

How will you decide which wines to serve? Marketview Liquor is here to recommend the top must-have Christmas wines for the holiday season.


Think about what time your guests plan to arrive. If there’s a Christmas brunch on the agenda, you can never go wrong with a Prosecco Italian Sparkling Wine. Prosecco leaves you open with plenty of options, as guests can enjoy sweet tastes of white grape unmixed or as a base for cocktails.

Easily kick off your holiday season with a blend of green apples, honeydew and creamy mineral textures. Prosecco pairs well with fruits and baked goods covered in powdered sugar during brunch.

Sauvignon Blanc

It’s a wise practice to start your Christmas festivities with lighter wines and slowly transition to heavier choices as guests go for their second plate. Incorporate a serving of Sauvignon Blanc for appetizers prior to the main meal. Sauvignon Blanc provides a bright taste with refreshing dryness that’s unmatched by other wines. Your guests will experience tastes of minerals and herbs that reset the palate between different appetizers.

Whether you have crab, chicken or shrimp recipes, the Sauvignon Blanc will prepare your taste buds accordingly.

Pinot Noir

If your main meal involves serving turkey, you should plan on placing an order for a Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir wines have a natural taste of cranberries and cherries that will make for a well-rounded Christmas dinner. Friends and family can drink it by itself or complement the neutral flavor of a cooked or smoked bird.

The holiday season is not complete without a glass of red wine, and Pinot Noir is a versatile selection.


Depending on your family’s tradition, you might have a selection of beef or baked ham at the holiday table. If that’s the case, try ordering a bottle of Malbec from our online store. You won’t believe how the fruity and smokey taste pairs with lean meats and proteins.

This red wine enhances the rich taste of prime rib or salty ham, creating a mouthwatering sensation.


What is a Christmas dinner without mashed potatoes? If a number of starches are on the menu, consider pairing dishes with Merlot. This red wine is full of earthy and fruit flavors that help to smooth out thick and buttery sides.

Merlot is a classic choice for the holiday season, as the wine also pairs well with beef and other proteins.


The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same if your guests didn’t enjoy some cookies, pastries and desserts. A bottle of Moscato is a great wine pairing for Christmas dessert and will surely be a hit alongside pies, cobblers, fresh fruits and other treats. Moscatos are sweet and light-bodied for a full dinner plate.

With a choice of Moscato, the fun can continue long after dinner!

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