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Get Ready for Back to School With These Wines

Back to School Wines - Red wine being poured into a wine glass

Back to school time is hectic. Everyone is frantically rushing around, trying to capture the last free moments of summer before fall gets into full gear. During such a busy period, most households turn into Grand Central Station. To stop the craziness in its tracks, make sure to kick back with some back to school wine.

Shopping for back to school time wine involves finding the perfect picks to drink now and later. Remember that when September hits, the holidays are not far away. Order several bottles or cases online from Marketview Liquor to ensure you have all the wines you need to cover back to school until those ramped-up holiday festivities.

1. Sparkling Roses

The kids are doing homework. The dusk is settling in. Now may be the ideal moment to relax with a bottle of sparkling rose.

Sparkling roses are more than just pink drinks. They embody the notion that every day can be a little celebration. Plus, they can stand on their own flavors or accompany everything from a light August dinnertime meal to a smorgasbord of nighttime snacks. If you’re new to the idea of sipping sparkling roses in the evening, pick a few bottles to try. You never know which ones may become your all-time favorite go-to sparkling wines.

2. Pinot Noir

Ah, the richness of a Pinot Noir. As a treat to the senses, Pinot Noir is the perfect mini-indulgence after a zany morning or afternoon preparing for the back to school rush.

One of the delicious aspects of Pinot Noir is that it does not have to be relegated to the dinner table and a “proper” meal. Many parents like to enjoy a glass of full-bodied, rich Pinot Noir as a nightly ritual. Pinot Noir varieties come from all over the world, so use this opportunity to explore global flavors right from the comfort of your own backyard, end-of-season pool party or favorite recliner.

3. Shiraz

Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, you can bet your dollars that this is one unforgettable wine. If you want to punctuate any moment, pour out a glass of Shiraz.

A huge advantage that comes with Syrah or Shiraz wines is their depth. Expect more complexity on your tongue than you will find in lighter back to school wine choices. You might even taste a note or two of chocolate. In fact, Syrah can pair very well with desserts. Opening a few of your sophisticated dark chocolate truffles to enjoy after the kids fall into bed, exhausted after their first days back in the classroom? Shiraz makes a delightful wine pairing to bring out the high levels of cacao without being overly cloying.

Use Back to School as a Reason for Wine

You certainly do not need a reason to order wine online, but if you are looking for an excuse to try a new bottle of Chardonnay or Rose wine, back to school is a great fit. Try back to school wines for moms, dads, grandparents and adult neighbors. Remember to save a few from the cases you purchase for later-in-the-year gifts.