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Best Champagne to Celebrate the New Year

Popping champagne bottle

Nothing rings in the New Year like popping open a bottle of Champagne with friends and family. Setting your New Year’s resolution should start with ordering a fine selection of sparkling wine from Marketview Liquor. Together, we can help you prepare a toast for the ultimate celebration with the ones you love.

If you’re looking for the best selection of Champagne, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our top list of the best Champagnes for kicking off the new year.


When looking for the best champagne to celebrate the New Year, consider a dry champagne. A champagne with brut in the name, including brut nature, brut and extra brut will have few or no sugars added for a dry New Year’s Eve wine.

If you don’t want sweetness or are pairing your champagne with a meal that wouldn’t go well with sugars, a dry champagne may be right for you.

Rosé Champagne

Rosé champagne is a New Year wine currently growing in popularity. It features an earthy flavor and a soft pink color, which can make this wine look especially festive for the New Year. Rosé champagne can be dry, or you can look for a doux champagne, which will be a sweeter variety. In recent years, rosé champagne has become more associated with fine dining.

A rosé champagne is also not made with color additives. The distinctive pink tint comes from adding pinot noir to white champagne. The result is good acidity, low tannins and a great champagne for New Year’s.

Blanc de Blancs

Literally meaning white of whites, this champagne is made from 100% chardonnay or white grapes. The fruit flavors in this champagne are usually apple and lemon. Very occasionally, other grapes are used. Blanc de blancs can be one of the best champagnes to get for New Year’s because the fruity flavors make it a very drinkable option.

When selecting the best wine for New Year’s, you may also want to consider vintage. Most champagnes are classified as vintage when they have been aged for at least three years, which can create an almost yeasty taste. Non-vintage champagnes are typically aged for at least 15 months and may have a more fruity taste. Both make wonderful New Year’s champagnes, but one may appeal to your tastes more than another.

Order New Year’s Champagne from Marketview Liquor

Champagne goes hand in hand with celebration. Let us be a part of your New Year’s Eve party by placing an order for one of our Champagne products today. We hope you find our list of Champagnes helpful as you plan your pairings for the New Year.

Shop Champagne online at Marketview Liquor for more information about our products and services, or order now to get ready in advance.