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Best Spirits Made in New York State

Are you looking for the perfect spirits for a getaway, gathering with friends or a quiet night in? Whatever you’re envisioning, rich whiskeys made right in New York let you savor vibrant varieties and support local businesses. Explore some of the best whiskeys you can find in the state and bring along the right beverage for your upcoming plans.

Top 10 Spirits Made in New York

While New York may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of whiskey production, you might just be surprised by all the options you can select from the growing local sector.

1. Iron Smoke Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey

It’s hard to beat the warming flavor in an all-American distillery’s finest Iron Smoke Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey. These rich spirits are aged for at least four years.

2. Black Button Distilling Aged Gin

With New York grown botanicals and cascade hops, Black Button Distilling Aged Gin is fresh, subtly woody and smoothly aged in Bourbon Barrels.

3. Black Button Distilling American Straight Whiskey

If you’re looking for a straight bourbon whiskey, try our Black Button Distilling American Straight Whiskey selection. Its trademark intensity is well-rounded with vanilla and spice.

4. 1911 Honeycrisp Cocktail

For an outstanding New York craft cocktail, enjoy the vibrant 1911 Honeycrisp Cocktail Can. The bold and adventurous notes include fresh apple cider, lemonade and 1911 Honeycrisp Vodka.

5. Southern Tier Distilling Company Bourbon Smash

Savor a rich and enthralling Bourbon Smash from Southern Tier Distilling Company. It’s ready to drink, with all-natural botanicals infused in the blend.

6. Hiram Walker Blackberry Flavored Brandy

Sweet, fruity and dark, the blackberry notes of Hiram Walker Blackberry Flavored Brandy offer New York State savor.

7. Cooperstown Distillery Abner Doubleday’s “Double Play” Vodka

This vodka comes from Cooperstown Distillery and tributes the inventor of baseball, Abner Doubleday. It’s a fun-loving, New York State vodka with vibrant savor in a hand-blown bottle representing America’s beloved pastime.

8. Rattlesnake Rosie’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Want something creamy and sweet like an old-time dessert? The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie bourbon cream from Rattlesnake Rosie’s lets you relive bygone summers with a fresh twist.

9. McKenzie Rye Whiskey

As the first standalone distillery in its region, Fingerlakes Distilling offers the finest locally sourced ingredients. The McKenzie Rye Whiskey creates a traditional, rich rye and spice savor, blended so meticulously you can tell it’s handcrafted.

10. Kingston Coconut Flavored Rum

Bright with coconut notes and milky savor, the Kingston Coconut Flavored Rum packs vibrant, tropical excitement into a New York State rum.

Find Delectable Spirits at Marketview Liquor

When you want high-quality spirits for the occasion, turn to Marketview Liquor. We’re pleased to offer an array of flavorful whiskey varieties you can find and purchase conveniently online. To find your preferred selection of New York spirits, browse Marketview Liquor’s available inventory today.