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Best Thanksgiving Day Wines

The Best Thanksgiving Day Wines

It’s almost that time of year again — of course we’re talking about Thanksgiving. Cooking favorite dishes such as turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pumpkin pie is a necessity, but your guests will want a generous glass of wine to pair with their plates as well.

If you’re thinking ahead, you should have a variety of wines to serve your family on Thanksgiving day. Welcome to Marketview Liquor’s top list of wines to have at your dinner table this season.

Wine Recommendations and Pairing Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

Here is our list of top Thanksgiving Day wines to have at your table:

  • Dessert wines: Fortified dessert wines are tasty options for pairing with even the sweetest of desserts. These wines can be white or red and adopt various sweetness levels. Enjoy these tongue-pleasing sippers with dessert or as dessert itself. 
  • Sauvignon blanc: This acidic and crisp wine will smooth out the robust tastes of Thanksgiving dinner. Pair it with baked or roasted chicken and vegetarian recipes for a delectable holiday meal.
  • Riesling: Rich in fruit flavors, dry rieslings will reset the palate for multiple servings. Whether from WashingtonGermany or Alsace, riesling wines are a top pick for a Thanksgiving dinner white wine. Riesling’s natural flavors of honey, apricot and apple and clarifying acidity pair well with Thanksgiving classics like turkey, sweet potatoes and herb-filled stuffing. 
  • Zinfandel: Offer your guests an authentic taste of fall with zinfandel. This wine pairs well with turkey and makes those secondary nutmeg and vanilla flavors instantly hit the taste buds.
  • Pinot noir: If you opt for ham over the traditional turkey, make sure to pick up a bottle of pinot noir for a wonderfully refreshing and savory meal. You can also pair it with pasta dishes or your favorite Thanksgiving casseroles. 

Contact Marketview Liquor for Thanksgiving Wine

The Thanksgiving holiday is the ideal time to find excellent pairings for your latest recipes. We hope you find our list of Thanksgiving wines helpful in preparation for your next family gathering. We encourage you to browse our online wine catalog and place an order for your Thanksgiving dinner!