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Celebrate Mom With Mother’s Day Wine

Mother's Day Wines

As one of the most popular holidays on the calendar, Mother’s Day offers the perfect time to say thank you to all the maternal influences in your life. Whether you are planning a large meal to spend time with mom, or you just want to send her a gift that she will love, consider buying a bottle of wine for Mother’s Day.

Wondering what kind of Mother’s Day wine is best-suited for your mom? Consider her personality and wine leanings to pick the best wine gifts you can imagine. Here are three examples that may help you decide.

1. For the Social Butterfly

Does your mother love to host events and hang out with friends and neighbors every chance she gets? Turn your attention to the bevy of Sauvignon Blanc wines available online at Marketview Liquor.

Best served when chilled, Sauvignon Blanc is great alone, with nibbles or paired with bigger meals. Light, fruity and aromatic, Sauvignon Blanc can still boast complex flavors depending upon its region of origin. You can even find Sauvignon Blanc options that extend into more herbal tastes, giving your mom that extra reason to reach for your thoughtful gift.

2. For the Kitchen Queen

When you picture your mom, does she always seem to be making some kind of treat in the kitchen? Surprise her with a case of mixed bottles of Chardonnays and Merlots.

True to its nature, Chardonnay offers stability. It is not just a staple in restaurants, but in home kitchens, as well. After all, Chardonnays can go with many types of ingredients, entrees, side dishes and appetizers. Be sure to pick Chardonnays with different undertones so she can choose exactly the right Mother’s Day wine for the moment.

Like Chardonnays, Merlots are essential for any household to have on hand — just in case. Smooth but sometimes full-bodied, Merlots tend to lean toward boldness and memorability. Your mom can pair Merlots with some of her more robust dishes featuring deep-flavored meats or stews. Who knows? You might have the opportunity to sample this Mother’s Day wine gift the next time you feast in her dining room.

3. For the Sweet, Sassy Lady

Your mother has it all. She can be as sweet as the ripest apple, but she also has a wit you can appreciate from a mile away. To her, wine belongs in the sweeter category — as long as it has some character.

Enter any Gewurztraminer. As complex as its name, Gewurztraminer is definitely a sweeter wine. However, it offers surprising levels of depth and breadth, just like your mom.

Give the Best Wine Gifts on Mother’s Day

You may not have been a perfect child, but guess what? Your mom loves you no matter what!

Give a Mother’s Day gift she can appreciate all year long with a case of the finest wine available online.