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Corporate Wine Gift Ideas

Corporate Wine Gift Ideas with Wine Kit

Showing your appreciation to clients and business partners doesn’t have to be complicated. With wine, you can deliver an elegant and thoughtful gift that’s sure to be a hit. You can personalize bottles to the individual or company based on their preferences to ensure you show how much you care about your professional relationship.

At Marketview Liquor, we have plenty of options for corporate wine gifts that will delight your clients, while making the order and shipping process quick and easy for you! You can browse some of the best wine corporate gifts and determine which ones would be best for each of your professional relationships. Keep reading to discover business wine gifts for your clients, employees and business partners.

7 Reasons to Give Wine as a Corporate Gift

The people in your life want to feel appreciated, and customers and employees are no exception. You can show your appreciation by gifting them thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

Companies across the United States are opting for corporate wine gifts instead of more traditional items, like fruit baskets. These gifts can seem more personal and add a sophisticated touch to your gesture. Along with being a unique gift to share with your professional team, there are a few other reasons behind the growth in corporate wine gifting:

  1. broad selection of available wines makes for a thoughtful and unique gift you can personalize.
  2. Having a choice of bottles or cases of wine makes it easy for clients to share the gift with their team.
  3. Wine is available online for easy purchasing and fast shipping across the U.S. Most orders ship within one to three business days, so you and your recipient never have to wait long for your gift to arrive.
  4. Millions of people love wine, making it a safe, crowd-pleasing pick for gifts.
  5. Rather than relying on availability, you can customize each gift to your client’s, employee’s or partner’s preferences. 
  6. Wine bottles as business gifts are tax-deductible, making them an excellent choice for your team and your wallet. 
  7. Glasses of wine are sophisticated and bring people together. While you’re thanking a corporate team member, you can do so in a classy and memorable way.

If you’re unsure whether a client drinks wine, you can always ask. Or, you can inquire about their preferences. Do they prefer a red wine, for example, or are they more of a fan of white wines? If you’re choosing corporate wine gifting to celebrate a team accomplishment, you can mix and match your wine selection along with a 10% discount on select wines.

How to Choose Employee and Client Wine Gifts

The wine you choose will reflect your appreciation for the client or employee you’re giving it to. When you’re not sure what kind of wine your recipient likes, there are still ways to get a high-end bottle they’ll appreciate. Choosing the best bottle can be simple if you follow these tips.

You should first establish your price range. Cheap wines are likely not going to impress your professional relationships, so shoot to find a bottle in the middle to high price range. It may be more affordable to buy some varieties than others. For example, a good Pinot Noir can be in the $20 range, while others may be more costly. Establish a baseline for beginning your search.

You can also evaluate the season you’re currently in when choosing a wine. Summer and spring wines can be fruitier, and crisp whites can be an excellent choice for that time of year. During the fall and winter, you may want to lean toward full-bodied reds that pair well with large holiday dinners — wine gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah are a real hit!

If you feel you need more confidence in your abilities to choose a wine, speaking with a store associate can be a great option. Although you can always ask your recipient what they like, sometimes it’s nice to give them a surprise. Additionally, don’t be afraid to choose something unusual — look for the intricacies that will stand out on the dinner table.

After you choose the bottle, consider crafting a small gift basket to truly impress your recipient. Food pairings like cheese, meat, chocolate, pretzels and crackers can help form an elegant basket. This way, even if you didn’t choose the recipient’s favorite bottle, you still hit the nail on the head with a delicious gift array.

6 Best Wines for Corporate Gifting

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, it can help to have an understanding of some of the more popular wines. Here are some red and white wine suggestions that can stand out as a corporate gift.

Gift one of these reds:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This is a classic red wine choice. It has a robust and flavorful profile that makes it pair perfectly with aged cheese, pork roast and steak. Cabernet Sauvignon has a sense of sophistication your recipient can enjoy.
  • Pinot Noir: Each glass of Pinot Noir can shine with many types of food, but it’s enjoyable on its own, too. You can find Pinot from many regions, so explore some of the most popular and choose an elegant bottle.
  • Merlot: Another classic essential for the kitchen is high-tannin Merlot. In these bottles, you can find chocolate overtones, earthy tones, and fruity flavors.

Try gifting these white wines:

  • Chardonnay: Dry and unique, a refreshing glass of Chardonnay remains at the top of many people’s favorite wine lists because it pairs with both heavy meals and lighter fare. This wine is a staple in many vineyards, and your recipient can make it a staple in their kitchen.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Tasting like minerals and herbs, cool glasses of Sauvignon Blanc are delightful. With some bottles featuring fruity elements, Sauvignon Blanc is ideal for pairings like chicken, veggies and seafood.
  • Pinot Grigio: Dry and refreshing, this Italian wine is excellent for casual get-togethers and relaxing atmospheres. Encourage your recipient to unwind by offering a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

You can also never go wrong with sparkling wine or champagne. Although many people enjoy glasses of these wines on their own, they can also make excellent ingredients for other drinks, like cocktails and sangrias. If you’re planning to gift some wine during the holiday season or you know a special occasion is right around the corner, a bottle of bubbly is an excellent corporate wine gift.

Options for Selecting Wine Gifts for Clients

With wine, the options are limitless thanks to the creative minds at vineyards across the world. You can tailor each wine gift to your team’s preferences, from full bottles to creative champagne gift ideas. If you need help choosing wine gifts for clients, consider these options:

  • Gift certificate: If time is of the essence, consider giving a corporate wine gift certificate. These can be customized for a range of amounts and can be delivered instantly via email. A certificate lets you show your appreciation, while also giving your client or team the freedom to choose any wine they want.
  • Wine tasting: Organizing a wine tasting is an exceptional way to say thank you and form a strong business relationship. Select a few bottles of different varieties and set out a charcuterie board. As you sip wines, you can discuss business opportunities and get to know your client better. Leave a bottle unopened so you can gift one to your client as they’re leaving.
  • Champagne: Demonstrate just how much you appreciate someone, or help them celebrate a special event or achievement, by choosing from our selection of corporate champagne gifts.
  • Gift set: You can get your clients a wine gift set, which comes with a complimentary gift bag! Choose to grab two red bottles, a pair of whites, matching rosés or a combination of two varieties. This way, you ensure you get a bottle they enjoy and keep them thinking of you long after the first bottle is gone.
  • Wine gift basket: If you like the idea of gift baskets but want to stick to the wine theme, you can still do both! You can create a personalized gift basket with wine, glasses, an ice bucket or food pairings. Keep the basket as simple or elaborate as you’d like and personalize each one you make for a unique gift every time.
  • Mike’s Picks: Don’t consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Rely on Mike, our owner, and his more than 45 years of wine expertise. Mike’s Picks is a selection of high-quality wines your clients will love that are easy on your wallet.

If you’re buying a case of wine for a client, you can receive a 10% discount on select bottles. You can also enjoy free shipping when you purchase 12 or more bottles of select wines — feel free to mix and match the bottles as you please.

Give the Gift of Wine With Marketview Liquor

Choosing wine gifts for clients is a stress-free process when paired with the expertise of Marketview Liquor. Not only do we offer an exceptional selection, but we also provide the option to include a free personalized gift message at checkout to go with your corporate wine gift!

From gift sets to Mike’s Picks to gift certificates, you can find excellent gifts for your clients, partners and employees. We make it easy to celebrate your team with 10% case discounts on select items and free shipping on 12+ botttles of eligible wine. Browse our selection of corporate wine gifts today, or contact our team for more information if you need assistance with large orders or finding the perfect wine gift.

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