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Different Wine Bottle Sizes

You may be accustomed to pouring yourself a standard glass of wine. In fact, a few drips of chardonnay in your cup may just be enough to hit the spot. But when it comes to choosing the right bottle to fulfill your beverage cravings, do you know what distinguishes the different sized wine bottles to select the best fit and quantity for you?

When it comes to wine, size is significant. You don’t want to order your favorite Pinot Noir in a Samlanaza and hope for the best. Choosing the right size for your drink is crucial, especially when it comes to wine.\

Different sizes of wine bottle and number of glasses of wine in each

The Standard Wine Bottle Size

The average bottle of wine size equates to roughly six standard glasses of wine. The typical wine bottle size provides just enough of a favored wine without offering too much — or too little — of your drink in each bottle. The standard wine bottle size is typically the default bottle option with 750 ml of wine or six glasses of wine.

The half/demi bottle is 375 ml or approximately half the size of a standard bottle and is ideal for anyone who wants to buy a more extensive variety of drinks in smaller sizes as a sampler option.

Not quite sure you’ll like a new drink? A piccolo or split glass may just be the fit for you. With only 187.5 ml of wine, this single serving glass provides you with just enough substance to decide whether you want to opt for a more substantial quantity next time around.

Bottles Crafted for a Few More Sips

Sometimes, you need a bottle that provides more than just the standard amount of wine. Whether you want to stock up on your favorite sparkling delight or find yourself planning a future get-together or event that necessitates more significant quantities of glasses to fill, you’re sure to find your fit with one of the various wine bottle sizes available on the market.

Even ancient civilizations enjoyed their wine with a little-added variety! The name for each bottle size stems from the title of biblical kings interestingly enough. It’s no wonder with a taste this delicious, these bubbly beverages found their way into the hearts of our earliest ancestors while retaining their significance and value up into the present day.

The Different Sizes of Wine Bottles

Not sure which glass is the right fit for you? Check out our overview of the different wine bottle sizes along with the total glasses of wine in each.

  • Split: 187.5 mL or 1.5 cups of standard glasses
  • Demi: 375 mL or 3 cups of standard glasses
  • Jennie: 500 mL or 4 cups of standard glasses
  • Standard: 750 mL or 6 cups of standard glasses
  • Magnum: 1500 mL or 12 cups of standard glasses
  • Jeroboam: 3000 mL or 24 cups of standard glasses
  • Rehoboam: 4500 mL or 36 cups of standard wine
  • Methuselah (Imperial): 6000 mL or 48 cups of standard wine
  • Samlanaza: 9000 mL or 72 cups of standard wine
  • Balthazar: 12,000 mL or 96 cups of standard wine
  • Nebuchadnezzar: 15,000 mL or 120 cups of standard wine
  • Melchoir: 18,000 mL or 144 cups of standard wine

Choosing the right size for your wine is simple, but picking the perfect drink to fulfill your wine cravings is even more straightforward!

At Marketview Liquor, we provide premium beverages you can pop open with the guaranteed satisfaction of a delightful flavor awaiting inside. Be sure to browse our varied selection of wines online today to choose which drink best suits you.

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