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Your Guide to Easter Dinner Wine Pairing

Easter Wine Pairings

Easter dinner usually marks the beginning of the spring season. Punctuated by a festive atmosphere, the meal can run the gamut from a traditional rack of lamb to a smorgasbord of favorite dishes. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore Easter wine pairings, especially for families eager to branch out from the standard Easter wine that may have been served for decades.

Deciding upon the perfect Easter dinner wine pairing involves concentrating on the main ingredients and partnering their flavors with the right wine flavors and undertones. Try some of the these exciting Easter wine pairings based on your menu!

Wine Ideas to Pair With an Easter Ham

Ham has become a go-to meat during the Easter lunch, brunch or dinner spread. Boasting a salty, slightly sweet flavor, ham deserves a wine that will curb its tang without overpowering its richness.

Two possibilities that go beautifully with ham include Riesling and gewurztraminer. Rieslings offer up ripe, crisp flavors and aromas that never try to overpower the importance of the ham or its accompanying side dishes. Most Rieslings fall on the dry side, which can be ideal for a ham seasoned with brown sugar, honey, orange, cloves or pineapple.

In contrast, gewurztraminer lands squarely in the sweet category. Spicier ham preparations benefit from having a softer, smoother gewurztraminer to balance their bite.

Wine Ideas to Pair With an Easter Rack of Lamb

Lamb is no stranger to the Easter dinner table, and it provides a much different meat sensation than ham. Because lamb is earthy with a gamy aftertaste, it needs a wine that marries its fatty acids without compromising lamb’s distinctiveness.

Try a Cabernet Sauvignon to change up the mood of any lamb Easter dinner. As a red Easter wine pairing, it never backs down from the challenge of standing out among strong flavors. Plus, each Cabernet Sauvignon has its own flavorful twists depending upon its origin. Consider purchasing a few bottles from different regions as a fun way to explore which Easter wine goes best for each person’s palate.

Wine Ideas to Pair With Poultry at Easter

Chicken and turkey have grown more popular as highlights of Easter dinner. Perhaps it is because of their presence all over grocery stores, or maybe because they are beloved by so many people. Whatever the reason, poultry pairs well with an incredibly large number of Easter wines. However, Chardonnay and pink wines may be two of its most frequent partners.

Chardonnay is such a crowd pleaser that many homes always have a bottle at the ready to pour. Yes, Chardonnay is dry, but never underestimate how fruity its aroma and flavor can be. Looking for an oakier blend to bring out sweeter tones in chicken, turkey or goose? Chardonnay is the right choice.

In terms of pink wines, Stella Rose Pink provides just the right touch of springtime lightness and energy. Crisp and flirty, it can become best friends with any poultry on the Easter dinner table.

Explore a World of Easter Dinner Wine Pairings

This Easter dinner or lunch, expand your horizons with a bottle or two of new-to-you wines. Pick a tried-and-true Easter wine and at least one wild card to make your holiday mealtime even more sensational and memorable. Shop for your favorite wines today at Marketview Liquor. Remember that we offer case discounts on select wines.