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How Does a Wine Tasting Work?

Glass of red and white wine

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just gaining interest in trying different flavors, a wine tasting is the ultimate learning experience. Wineries across the country are open multiple days a week to help educate and serve you with original aromas and pairings. The process of tasting wines will change depending on the venue, but proper etiquette should be in order.

If you’re headed to your first wine tasting, there’s no need to be nervous. Marketview Liquor is here with the “do’s and don’ts” of your first visit.

What Is a Wine Tasting?

A wine tasting is a set time for consumers to visit a winery and try out some locally fermented drinks. The goal for the winery or store is to allow individuals to engage with various wines to potentially generate a sale.

Not all wineries look the same or serve the same products, and that’s where the fun begins. A wine tasting is the best way to discover what you enjoy and what you do not. You have the freedom to try wines with an array of backgrounds without committing to an entire bottle.

How Do Wine Tastings Work?

After you arrive at the winery with a reservation, a server will greet you with several options to try. Slowly, you’ll receive samples throughout the tasting. Smell the wine before sipping, and observe the color and clarity of each serving.

Your host might even offer you a tour of the winery to get a closer look at how wine is made and the materials involved in the process.

Wine Tasting Preparation

Aside from setting a reservation, you should consider a number of tips prior to driving to a tasting. Always wear comfortable but respectful clothing for tours and visits. Wineries are considered classy environments, so dressing as if you’re going to an elegant dinner is a good call.

You should consider weather-appropriate clothing for each tasting occasion as well. Research the winery beforehand to better understand if you’ll be indoors or outdoors, then dress accordingly. Additionally, never arrive to a wine tasting on an empty stomach. You want to remember your favorite wines throughout the visit, so arrive to the winery after eating a full meal if you decide not to spit or dump between glasses.

First-Time Wine Tasting Tips

For your first tasting, remember that these visits are supposed to be fun! Make an effort to try new types of wine that you’ve never had before. It’s perfectly normal to ask your server questions if you’re unfamiliar with a particular wine.

Remember to take notes and record what you like and don’t like throughout a wine tasting. Wineries almost always have bottles available for purchase, so this is your chance to order something you like for when you return home.

Wine Tasting Technique and Etiquette

Always hold your wine glass by the stem during a tasting. Holding the bowl of the glass clouds the outer surface and can alter the ideal sampling temperature of the wine. You want to be observant with each glass of wine, and being able to see the color of each serving is a part of the experience.

If you plan on attending multiple wineries in one day, you need to plan ahead. Depending on the winery, it’s perfectly acceptable to spit or dump samples even if you enjoy them. Making use of tasting buckets will help you monitor your consumption and get the most out of your visit. Always be sure to drink responsibly.

Marketview Liquor for Wine and Spirits

The only way to gain an opinion on a particular wine is to try it for yourself. Marketview Liquor offers a full range of wines available to be shipped directly – you can even mix or match a case to make it easier to test out a new wine. Make sure that you pair your wines correctly as well by taking our Wine Pairing Quiz. In addition, if you are in the Rochester, New York area, check out one of our upcoming tasting events!