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How to Choose a Kosher Passover Wine

Passover Meal Wine Pairing

While many kinds of Kosher wines exist, Kosher wines for Passover must live up to even more stringent requirements. Kosher Passover wines must have never come into contact with chametz, which is essentially any bread, grain or dough. Many Kosher wines are already acceptable to enjoy on Passover, but not all of them are.

Which Wines Are Kosher?

Are you looking for a go-to Kosher wine that will pair well with your Passover meal? At Marketview Liquor, we have a wide range of Kosher wines available and are excited to help expand your horizons by offering wines for every occasion.

Kosher wine is produced according to Jewish dietary laws. These wines are made in several different countries due to their increased demand in recent years, including Italy, France, Israel and the United States. We’ve put together a Kosher wine list based on grape varieties to accompany your Passover meal:

  • Merlot: With its easygoing, smooth nature and luscious dark fruit flavors, it’s no wonder merlot is one of the most popular red wines in the world. If you enjoy drinking fruity, smooth red wines with plenty of plum, blackberry and cherry notes, Kosher merlot may be the wine for you. Merlot is made from red-skinned grapes that can acclimatize to various climates to produce a variety of food-friendly wines. Known for its approachable style and sensual texture, this wine can be oaky and rich or plummy and velvety. 
  • Cabernet sauvignon: The youthful and vibrant cabernet sauvignon delivers a gentle sweetness to the palate with lingering bright blackberry, cassis and dark cherry flavors. This Passover wine’s rich, soft texture makes it perfect for drinking alongside red meats and tomato-based dishes or on its own. 
  • Chardonnay: Chardonnay is one of the best-known grape varieties globally and can have various flavor profiles depending on where it’s made. While unoaked chardonnay is typically fresh and light with plenty of stone fruit and citrus flavors, oaked varieties tend to have a creamy texture, full body and poignant tropical fruit and vanilla notes from the barrel aging. You will enjoy Kosher chardonnay if you’re looking for a distinctive white wine to pair with your meal.

Try a Kosher Wine for Passover

Even if your family has a go-to Kosher wine for the Passover meal, challenge yourselves this year to find a selection of Kosher Passover wines that expand your horizons. At Marketview Liquor, we have a wide range of Kosher wines available online for you to consider. Choose a few that will pair well with your planned dinner, and have fun trying something new!