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How to Have a Virtual Happy Hour

Most cities and states are currently under a shelter-in-place order to flatten the curve of COVID-19. With local restaurants and bars shut down and social distancing in place, most people probably feel the impact of social isolation. However, you can still connect and foster social connections with your friends, co-workers and family while following these new rules by hosting a virtual happy hour.

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What Is a Virtual Happy Hour?

A virtual happy hour is like a typical in-person happy hour except that you host it online through a video platform. This allows you to have a virtual happy hour with co-workers and friends while maintaining social distancing.

If you want to experience some social connection and add a sense of normalcy to your life, then choose a video platform such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout and send out some virtual invites. Try to keep the virtual happy hour for work or friends to less than 20 people so that everyone has a chance to talk and participate.

Also, just like an in-person party, make sure your invites share the specific day, time and how to join the happy hour. Don’t forget to include the agenda or theme if there is one!

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Here are some ideas for hosting your virtual happy hour:

  • Make sure everyone is using the “grid” or “gallery view”: This way, everyone can see each other at the same time as if you were gathered together in-person.
  • Add some music: Music can help set the mood. Consider creating a special playlist for your virtual happy hour or softly stream some of your favorite songs in the background.
  • Keep the topics lighthearted: Remember, you are doing this to connect and have some fun. Instead of dwelling on heavy topics, stick with lighthearted ones so that it is a positive distraction for you and others.
  • Play some virtual happy hour games: Just because you, your friends and family are apart, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Incorporate some games such as trivia, truth or dare or classic drinking games to keep everyone entertained. Apps such as Houseparty even allow you to chat and play video games with your friends.
  • Consider some virtual happy hour activities: Get your guests more involved by having them all create a themed drink for the event. You can even replicate a cooking show by having each guest create and share their favorite at-home mixed drinks or recipes. You and your guests can also do fun activities such as yoga, dancing or fitness routines while online together.

Order Your Happy Hour Wine and Liquor From Marketview Liquor

At Marketview Liquor, you can browse our wide selection of wines and spirits for your virtual happy hour. We offer our selections online either by the case or bottle, and we can ship it right to your home.

If you have any questions about our wine and liquor offerings, please let us know so you can start planning your next virtual happy hour!