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Sparkling Wines to Ring in the New Year

Champagne being poured into glasses to celebrate the Near Year

How can you possibly ring in the New Year without a glass of sparkling wine? If you normally skip out on this New Year’s tradition, chances are you probably haven’t found the bubbly for you yet. Luckily, Marketview Liquor stocks a wide variety of sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve.

From the driest of tastes to bold fruit flavors, we can help you discover a sparkling wine to entertain your taste buds. Here is our list of the top sparkling wines to pop open just after midnight.


Champagne is one of the most popular sparkling wines to ring in the New Year. It’s is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France and obeys all the rules of grape selection and production. So not all sparkling wines are champagnes, but all champagnes are sparkling wines.

Champagne evokes an air of luxury, and it can come with a high price tag. However, it does come in many varieties and even different price points, too. When you are searching for the best sparkling wine for New Year’s, you can choose dry or sweet champagnes, vintage champagnes that have aged three years or more, white champagnes and newer champagnes that have been aged at least 15 months.

Sparkling Rosé

If you want a good sparkling wine for Near Year’s Eve, a sparkling rosé is a festive choice. These wines are often sweeter and fruitier, though there are some dry versions, too. Different grapes are used to produce sparkling rosé, from Moscato to Prosecco and others. You can even find a Champagne rosé with grapes from the Champagne region of France.


Cava is a Spanish wine. It is made with the macabeu grape and goes through a production process that is similar to champagne. The flavor is faintly lemony and sometimes almost floral, but this is not a sweet wine in most cases. Instead, it’s a robust wine that is perfect for anyone who enjoys dry sparkling wine.

Cava is also among the best sparkling wines for Near Year’s Eve because it is refreshing and goes with many foods you may want to eat. At the same time, it’s not as common as other types of sparkling wines, so it offers a more unique option. If you want the bubbles without the sweet and without trying champagne, cava could be a solid sparkling wine for New Year’s.

You can also find rosé cava, as well as varieties made with different grapes. The taste is similar in some instances to American sparkling wine or non-vintage champagne. It is a great value option for your New Year’s celebration.

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Kicking off the New Year should start with a bottle of sparkling wine. Make Marketview Liquor your one-stop shop this holiday season — we stock substantial wines and spirits for celebrations with friends and family. Browse New Year’s Eve sparkling wines online today.