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The Proof Is In The Wine

We pride ourselves in having one of the very best staffs in the country and we believe we have assembled just that. Check out our brand new video series with Wine Specialists Holly Howell and Mike Martin.

Sit back, relax and let Mike and Holly help you explore the wonderful world of wine…

The island of Corsica is a curious place, located just off the western coast of Italy, it has actually been part of France for over two hundred years.

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea just north of the Italian island of Sardinia, the island is a rugged place, with over two thirds covered by mountains. Like most places in and around the Mediterranean, Corsica has an extremely long history of wine growing, starting out with the Phoenicians well over a thousand years ago.

The wines of Corsica are almost entirely made from ancient, indigenous grape varietals such as Barbarossa and Sciaccarellu, and until relatively recently were hardly exported off the island.
Cue Kermit Lynch, the California-based wine importer who, over the past forty years, has created a career and a legend by searching out amazing wines from little known corners of the world. Over the years, Kermit has brought several Corsican names to worldwide recognition, including Yves Leccia, Domaine, and Abbatucci, and the inimitable Domaine Maestracci.

Located in the island’s Reginu Valley, Maestracci was founded in an abandoned olive oil mill by Roger Maestracci in 1945, and is now run by his granddaughter Camille-Anaïs Raoust. All of Maestracci’s wines are known as U Vinu di E Prove, as Prove is the term for the local microclimate.

We recently tasted, and were amazed by, both the E Prove red and white, & truly hope to pass our excitement on to our customers. The red is a fascinating and soulful blend of 35% Niellucciu, 35% Grenache, 15% Sciacarellu, 15% Syrah, a quintessential food wine with elegant and remarkable layers of complexity. We were even more dazzled by the E Prove Blanc, 100% Vermentinu, or Vermentino as it is known elsewhere in the world. A beautiful, delicate white with a sleek, focused mouthfeel, with hints of peaches and citrus fruits.

Each and every one of our Wine Specialists, all with different taste and experiences, fell in love with this wine. Corsican wine has been around for over a millennium, don’t you think it’s about time you tried one?

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