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What to Look for When Buying Wine Online

What to Look for When Buying Wine Online

Do you want your favorite bottle of wine on your doorstep at the press of a button? With online shopping, your wildest wine wishes can come true. These days, buying wine online is easier than ever, but if you want to buy wine online right, you need to know how the ordering process works and what to look for.

Keep reading to find out what to consider when buying wine online so you can have the best virtual wine shopping experience possible.

Can I Buy Wine Online?

Yes, you can buy wine online and have it shipped directly to your doorstep — and direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipments are becoming quite popular. From 2019 to 2020, the DTC sales channel for wine grew by 27%, which is unprecedented for the industry. This increase in sales means that around 8.39 million cases of wine were shipped to consumers in 2020 alone. As long as you have internet access, you can be one of these millions of consumers buying wine online.

Should I Buy Wine Online?

While it is possible to buy wine online, should you do it? The sections below will discuss the safety of having wine delivered to your house and the potential benefits of buying wine online.

Is It Safe to Buy Wine Online?

Is It Safe to Buy Wine Online? Buying wine online is a safe process with precautions in line to ensure your wine arrives on your doorstep undamaged.

Buying wine online is a safe process with precautions in line to ensure your wine arrives on your doorstep undamaged. One safeguard in place for ordering wine online is requiring an adult signature upon delivery. Make sure you or another adult is present when your wine is scheduled to arrive so the delivery can be completed.

While buying wine online poses little risk, there are still some measures you can take to optimize your online wine ordering experience. For instance, be wary of the summer heat. Wine is fragile and being exposed to extreme temperatures can cause damage to a bottle of wine. If the temperature in your area is higher than about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, consider asking FedEx or UPS to hold your shipment of wine at one of their locations, so your wine doesn’t end up sitting in a blistering delivery truck all day.

Fortunately, reputable online wine shops recognize the risks of subjecting wine to extreme temperatures and will often avoid shipping altogether in exceptionally hot or cold conditions. In addition, most online wine sellers will use foam shippers and other means of protecting wine bottles sent out for longer-haul shipments.

Why Buy Wine Online?

Here are the top five benefits of buying wine online:

  1. Wide variety: Ecommerce browsing functions were practically made for wine shopping, so make sure you use them to your advantage. Customize your wine search by red or white, region and tasting notes. When you shop with an online vendor with a large selection of wine varieties, you will have no problem finding the perfect wine for your preferences.
  2. High-quality choices: Along with quantity, online wine shopping offers quality. Online wine vendors have to maintain the quality of their wine to avoid receiving negative reviews from customers. This extra layer of accountability means you can be confident you’re ordering high-quality wine when you buy online.
  3. Flexibility: Buying wine online allows you to make your purchase at any time. Instead of waiting for your local vineyard or wine shop to open, you can order wine online whenever is most convenient for you. Even in the hours well after midnight, a bottle of wine is only a click away when you shop online.
  4. Convenient delivery: Imagine having your favorite bottle of wine arrive right on your doorstep. With online ordering, this dream can be your reality. Instead of having to drive to local wine sellers and scan the aisles for the best wine, virtual wine vendors offer doorstep delivery to make your wine buying experience as simple as possible.
  5. Savings: In addition to targeting certain types and brands of wine, you can adjust your online wine search based on a price range to ensure you stay within your budget. Buying wine online also tends to be more affordable than purchasing wine in person. Online businesses do not have to worry about some of the overhead costs that brick-and-mortar shops do, which allows them to offer their products for less.

How Can I Buy Wine Online?

How Can I Buy Wine Online? If you want to take advantage of all the benefits buying wine online has to offer, you need to know how buying wine online works.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits buying wine online has to offer, you need to know how buying wine online works. Check out the steps below to learn how to buy wine online.

1. Review Your State’s Shipment Policy

Before you place your wine order online, make sure you plan on having your wine shipped to a state that allows its residents to receive wine shipments through the mail. While some states allow intrastate shipments, some states do not permit alcohol shipments from other states. There may even be different rules for different regions within your state. Make sure you check your state’s alcohol shipment laws before placing your online order.

2. Plan How You Will Receive Your Wine Shipment

As mentioned previously, your wine delivery will require the signature of an adult older than 21 for the package to be legally received. If you or anyone else over 21 cannot be at your house to receive your order of wine, make sure you request for the package to be held at your nearest FedEx or UPS office. Once you’ve arranged the details for receiving your wine delivery, you’ll be ready to select the wine you want.

3. Place Your Wine Order Online

Whether you are an adventurous wine taster interested in trying lots of different varieties of wine and just trying to find the best deals or you already know the exact type of wine you are looking for and just want to get it for the best price, you need a reliable strategy for finding deals for wine online. Check wine sites for deals that will help you get your favorite bottle of wine at a discounted price.

If you’re not concerned with price, simply use the search filters to find the perfect wine for you based on type, region, packaging and more. Once you have made your selection, proceed to the checkout and order your wine just like you would any other product online. Then, all you have to do is wait for your wine delivery to arrive at your doorstep!

Where Can I Buy Wine Online?

Where Can I Buy Wine Online?

When it comes to where to buy wine online, you have options. Essentially, these are the three main online sources for purchasing wine:

  1. Online wine and liquor stores
  2. Direct from a winery
  3. Wine clubs with monthly subscriptions

While each of the above is a viable option for ordering wine online, you will most likely want to buy your wine from a virtual wine and liquor store. These types of online vendors typically have the greatest variety of wines to choose from and grant you more control over what type of wine you receive. For the best online wine buying experience, make sure you shop with an online wine seller with a good reputation among wine enthusiasts.

How to Buy Good Wine Online

Knowing more about what to consider when buying wine online will help you select a premium wine with superior tasting notes. Below, you will learn how to buy a case of wine online that will impress your dinner party guests.

Top 3 Tips for Buying Good Wine Online

If you are trying to buy quality wine online, follow these three tips for making the process efficient and effective:

  • Find a reputable online wine shop: Of course, you can’t purchase your wine from just any website if you want to serve or sip a top-quality glass. Instead of buying wine from the first online vendor that pops up when you search, take the time to look for an online wine seller that carries quality wine and genuinely cares about its customers.
  • Be wary of wine clubs: Searching for online wine shops often turns up a variety of offers to join different wine clubs. These wine clubs are buying programs that function as a subscription service, shipping you a couple of preselected wines on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Despite the temptingly low prices that these types of wine clubs often offer, they are usually not worth the risk of not knowing the type of wine you will be receiving or its quality.
  • Let the bottle of wine rest: After you receive the wine you ordered online, make sure you give it some time to rest before opening and serving it. Occasionally, certain bottles of wine do not endure the stress of shipping as well as others and do not taste as satisfying as they could if served too soon after arrival. This concept is commonly referred to as “bottle shock” in the industry. When receiving a shipment of wine, it is best to play it safe and let the bottle or case sit for about a week or two before consuming the wine.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Wine Online?

As online shopping continues to become everyone’s favorite way of buying items, more and more online wine sellers continue to pop up. However, knowing what to look for when buying wine online can help you choose a reputable online wine seller you can trust.

You can make finding a dependable online wine vendor quick and simple by looking for a site that has been featured in Newsweek as one of the best places to buy wine online. Newsweek does a thorough job of vetting virtual wine sellers so that you don’t have to do the research on your own. An online wine vendor must pass a number of tests, including surveys from thousands of virtual shoppers, to make Newsweek’s list of best online shopping experience providers.

Specifically, Newsweek has named Marketview Liquor a top site for buying wine online. Marketview Liquor’s wide selection and exceptional customer service set it apart from the competition, making it a favorite place to order wine online for many wine connoisseurs. Whether you are looking for a new bottle to add to your collection of go-to wines or are interested in trying a new variety of wine, you will have no problem finding what you need at Marketview Liquor.

Along with an expansive array of top-notch wines, Marketview Liquor prioritizes its customers’ virtual shopping experience. Marketview Liquor provides its online customers with a shopping experience that is similar to an in-store browsing experience by offering one of the most comprehensive and easily accessible wine selections, expert wine recommendations and a simple checkout process.

In addition to its outstanding customer service and wine choices, here are a few more reasons you will want to place your next online order of wine with Marketview Liquor:

  • Budget-friendly options: Marketview Liquor offers a wide range of exceptional wines for less than $8. Get an unbelievable deal by choosing from their collection of great-tasting and competitively priced wines.
  • Deals on top-quality wines: Marketview Liquor carries a substantial inventory of 90-point wines for $15 or less. Because wine critics rate bottles according to a 100-point scale, any wine that scores 90 points or more has been found to have a remarkable color, appearance, smell, flavor, finish and overall quality. Scoring one of these 90-point wines for $15 or less is an incredible deal.
  • Special discounts for select cases: If you want to buy wine by the case, Marketview Liquor offers a 10% case discount on certain bottles of wine. Taking advantage of this deal can help you host an amazing event on a budget.

Browse the Wine Selection at Marketview Liquor and Order Online

Browse the Wine Selection at Marketview Liquor and Order Online

Are you ready to try buying wine online from a top vendor? Check out the impressive collection of wines from Marketview Liquor and place your order today. Whether you are looking for a sweet red, a dry white, a sparkling blush or another type of wine, Marketview Liquor can help you find a bottle you’ll love. We will ship your order directly to your door, so you can enjoy sitting back and letting your wine come to you.

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