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The Best Wines for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Wines

The fifth of May is a day to celebrate and feast, no matter where you live in the world. In fact, Cinco de Mayo celebrations have begun to pop up around the globe. This holiday boasts a world of fun and festivities, not to mention the perfect opportunity to try some of the best wines for Cinco de Mayo flavors.

If you are hosting a Cinco de Mayo party or looking for a special gift to present on this day of celebration, find out more about the four wines that make sense for any Cinco de Mayo gathering.

Spanish Wines

Why not choose a Spanish wine to celebrate the beautiful Spanish language, culture and wine regions? Spain has a wonderful array of white, red and sparkling wines from Castilla La Mancha and other wine regions that make for a perfect glass.

You can pair white or red wines with your favorite Cinco de Mayo meals or pop some sparkling wine to enjoy outside. These wines are the perfect selection to try for your celebration.

Red Wines

If you’re having an outdoor gathering or some grilled food for Cinco de Mayo, choose a wine to match. Red wines range from light and fruity to dark and rich. Consider a red grape or blend you haven’t tried before. Whether you love a sweeter or dryer wine, red wines for Cinco de Mayo are a great pairing.

With so many varieties to choose from, you might consider getting a few different bottles and having a red wine tasting to celebrate the Cinco de Mayo.

American Wines

American wine-growing regions in Southern California have a similar climate to Mexico, producing grapes and wines which pair beautifully with celebratory foods you may serve. A great Cinco de Mayo wine pairing can be a California pinot noir, zinfandel or even a white wine.

With American wines, you have a wonderful selection of blends and various grapes. You can even choose ice wines. If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the United States this year, an American wine is a great choice.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Great Wine

Ready or not, the deadline for your upcoming Cinco de Mayo get-together is coming. Instead of stressing about the best wine to serve for Cinco de Mayo, make life easy by ordering some bottles or cases through Marketview Liquor. It is one less item on your to-do list and one more way for you to wow your guests.