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Ultimate Pairing Guide: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Spring Wines

As the birds start to chirp, and blooms start to appear everywhere, you might wonder where to start in your wine search. Don’t worry. We have you covered!

Wines for Spring: Time to Try Something New

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? To many, the season represents a time of renewal and new beginnings. Therefore, appropriate spring wines will be light, refreshing and pleasant to sip while enjoying the overall newness of the season.

The excitement of warmer weather makes it an excellent time to experiment and try new wines if you’re feeling daring or adventurous, too!

Holidays and other events you may consider wine purchases for during this season include Easter, high school and college graduations, horse races, picnics and evenings out with friends.

Wine Varieties to Consider for Spring

As you venture out on your spring wine journey, it’s critical to remember that there is no “one size” wine for spring. Because the weather and occasions you’ll enjoy wine for are varied, your wine selection can be as well.

Rosé Wines are generally mild and well suited for spring time weather and food pairings.f

Rosé wines are generally mild and appropriate for spring drinking. They’re easy to keep on hand and to serve at a moment’s notice. If you’re thinking about a little spring shopping, these may be perfect to stock up on in advance. As you consider spring rosé varietals, look for newer vintage wines, such as one created in the last two years — this favors the tradition of newness that spring creates. For parties and events that involve finger foods or lighter fare, rosés make an excellent companion.

Spring rosés to consider:

  • Spanish Rosados. These wines add a bit of pepper to the lighter flavor of the wines, making them excellent transitional accompaniments to most events.
  • Pinot Noir Rosés. This take on traditionally hearty grapes present berry undertones that match the feelings of excitement that are cultivated by the season.

Certain red wines may also be more appropriate for spring than others. For example, sweeter reds that help to bring the taste of berries to the forefront might make a graduation party or other outdoor event extra special.

Reds that are perfect for spring might include:

  • Grenaches that present with rich, floral tones combined for a unique flavor.
  • Complex, berry-toned reds — like Pinot Noir — are appropriate spring drinks for lovers of red wines. It’s hard to go wrong here.
  • Montepulcianos that are usually lighter are also perfect transitions between seasons as the weather begins to change.

If you’re searching for a white option, lighter white wines with floral undertones are likely to meet the tastes of most guests at a spring event.

Whites that fit the needs of spring wine drinkers include:

  • Sauvignon Blanc. For those who favor drier whites, regardless of the season, this variety is always an excellent option. The perfect spring variety should present with the crispness of the season.
  • Rieslings. These wines that tend to present with citrus on the mouth and a drier finish may be perfectly refreshing — more so than other whites — during this special season of the year.

Spring Wines Worth Checking Out

Ready to build a perfect arsenal of spring wines? Here are a few types of wines we recommend trying out during this time of year: